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Williane Vieira Macêdo

Dr., Member of Administrative Staff, Postdoc

Williane Vieira Macêdo


Research Interests.

Biological treatment of wastewaters; Micropollutants contamination and biodegradation; Biorefinery and biogas; Microbial ecology and molecular biology.

Areas of expertise.

  • Biological treatment of agro-industrial wastewaters: I have specialized in the design, operation, and optimization of wastewater treatment biosystems. In my master and Ph.D., I have collaborated in a variety of projects for the treatment of agro-industrial wastewaters in bench-, pilot-, and full-scale bioreactors. I have extensive experience on the set-up and operation of aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors for the treatment of both solid and liquid wastes.


  • Environmental fate and biodegradation of organic pollutants: I am passionate about investigating the fate of micropollutants in aquatic ecosystems and by which means its degradation occurs. I am experienced with the application of analytical methods for micropollutants monitoring, biodegradation of hazardous compounds by complex microbial communities and isolated organisms.


  • Microbial ecology and metabolism: I am experienced with cutting-edge molecular techniques (Illumina and Nanopore DNA sequencing, metaproteomics, and protein stable isotope probing, protein-SIP) in environmental microbiology studies in both culture-dependent (isolates) and independent (complex microbial communities) experiments.

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