Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research

Vibeke Asmussen Frank

  1. iQSA: International Qualitative Secondary Analysis

    Hughes, K., Frank, V. A., Herold, M. D. & Houborg, E.


    Project: Research

  2. Non-medical use of prescription drugs

    Frank, V. A., Dahl, H. V., Skov, K. B. E. & Hunt, G.


    Project: Research

  3. ALICE RAP: Addiction and Lifestyle

    Frank, V. A. & Bjerge, B.


    Project: Research

  4. PBDT: Prison-based drug treatment in the Nordic countries

    Kolind, T., Frank, V. A., Lindberg, O., Giertsen, H. & Tourunen, J.


    Project: Research

  5. Drug treatment guarantee for drug users in prisons

    Kolind, T., Frank, V. A. & Dahl, H. V.


    Project: Research