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Vaidotas Kisielius


Vaidotas Kisielius


I was born in 1987 and raised in Vilnius. With BSc in Environmental Engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) I obtained a specialty of Water Supply and Management, followed by a completion of MSc in Biotechnology at Wageningen University (the Netherlands).

At the end of the MSc studies I started working at Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania. During a 6 month period of the rotating Lithuanian Presidency to the Council of the European Union in 2013 I acted there as a deputy chair of the Working Party on the Environment (Brussels).

After the total of 4.5 year period as a civil servant I was offered a PhD position at the Faculty of Science of the University of Copenhagen. Having completed the PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology I applied and was offered a position at the Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University (Roskilde). My current research primarily aims at developing targeted and non-targeted chemical analytical methods and their application for measuring micropollutants in various urban water streams. The results assist scientific community with new analytical methods and help the projects I work for to evaluate the developed innovative water purification techniques.

I currently live with my family in Copenhagen and raise two charming daughters Monika and Kotryna.

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