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Ulrik Kræmer Sundekilde

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Ulrik Kræmer Sundekilde
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My primary research focus is centred in understanding how we are affected by the foods we eat. I use advanced techniques in metabolomics to identify micronutrients in food and the resulting metabolite perturbations in biofluids (blood, urine, faeces). Moreover, I combine and integrate the metabolite profiles with next gen sequencing-data to identify alterations in individual bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract caused by food. Besides research I am also teaching both in the analytical techniques in metabolomics and in the statistical analysis of the resulting data in *omics (multivariate data analysis)


•NMR and LC-MS based metabolomics of foods and biofluids

•Metabolomics and systems biology

•Analytical chemistry

•Multivariate data analysis

•Combination and integration of *OMICS data


•Master in natural sciences (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) - Cand.Scient.


•Additional education: Professional postgraduate teacher training, AU


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