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Ulla Kidmose

Associate professor

Ulla Kidmose
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Associate professor


Research field:

My research field is within sensory and health quality of plant based food in relation to raw material, storage and processing. Sensory analysis comprises consumer preferences and descriptive sensory analysis using a trained sensory panel. Health quality comprises compounds such as glucosinolates, carotenoids, phenolics and polyacetylenes, which are related to aspects of especially the sensory quality but also the human nutrition and health.


Present research projects:

Project manager for “Maximising the taste and health value of plant food products - impact on vegetable consumption, consumer preferences and human health factors (MaxVeg)”

Participant in ”Rodfrugters smag og gastronomiske egnethed - roden til fornyelse i det danske køkken GourmetRoots)”

WP leader in “Roots and compost - organic crop production under reduced nutrient availability (RoCo)”

WP leader in ”Et gran salt”

Participant in “Healthy and tasty milk from cows feed with grass”

Participant in ”REPROLAC – Forlænget laktation i mejeriproduktion fremmer klima, dyrevelfærd og produktivitet


Other tasks:

- Supervisor for PhD students

- Several censor activities (Bachelor and masters)

- Teacher and responsible for two courses at bachelor education

- Theme coordinator for food science with respect to research-based public-sector services at DJF-AU

- Participant in national and international evaluation committees for research applications, positions and PHDs   

- Reviewer for international journals




1989    MsC in Food Science at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

2004  Ph.D. in human nutrition/food technology from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Effects of storage, processing and household preparation on carotenoids in commonly consumed vegetables.

Employed since 1990

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