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Uffe Sognstrup Thomsen

Special Consultant

Uffe Sognstrup Thomsen


I work with business relations and development in the water sector to support research and education within biological, chemical, and technical sciences. This is embedded in the WATEC center at Bioscience and Biological and Chemical Engineering comprising basic research within sensor development, water treatment technology, digitalization, and engineering of sustainable energy.

I have a background in research and consultancy mainly comprising water microbiology, chemistry, and corrosion. The focal industries have been oil and gas production, district heating and cooling, dental/medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, drinking water supply and waste water treatment. Through project management I have ensured that communication, sampling, logistics, and field or laboratory tests was conducted efficiently, with responsibility and a high scientific level. I have 18 years of experience working with business development within industry projects at both on- and offshore locations in Europe and Middle East. Furthermore, advanced microbiological laboratory testing was applied for qualifying computational models for predicting microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and oil reservoir souring. Several R&D activities have resulted in internationally published papers and presented at conferences. My educational background is a Ph.D. within biogeochemistry at University of Southern Denmark, Institute of Biology (2001).

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