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Uffe Mensberg

Laboratory Technician

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Høye, T.T., Ellebjerg, S. & Philipp, M. (2007): The Impact of Climate on Flowering in the High Arctic - The Case of Dryas in a Hybrid Zone. - Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 39(3): 412-421.
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Michelsen, A., Ellebjerg, S., Arndal, M., Tamstorf, M.P., Schmidt, N.M., Illeris, L., Albert, K.R. & Ro-Poulsen, H. (2007): Effects of manipulations of local climate on processes and organisms in high arctic terrestrial ecosystems. In: Klitgaard, A.B., Rasch, M. & Caning, K. (eds.): Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations, 12th Annual Report 2006. Copenhagen: Danish Polar Center. pp. 80-81.

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Schmidt, N.M., Tamstorf, M.P., Ellebjerg, S. & Forchhammer, M.C.: BioBasis - a versatile biological monitoring programme in High Arctic Greenland. Poster presented at the 14th ITEX Workshop, Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia, 2-6 February 2007.