Tünde Cserpes

Assistant Professor

Fuglesangs Allé 4, Aarhus V, 8210, Denmark
Email: tunde.cserpes@mgmt.au.dk

Aarhus University, Department of ManagementAugust                            2017–
Postdoctoral Fellow in Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Project: Entrepreneurship and Inequality with: M. Dahl, D. Burton, O. Sorenson
Research groups: Buyer-Supplier Relationships; Innovation Management

University of Illinois at Chicago        2017
Ph.D. (Sociology)
Eötvös Loránd University                  2010
Beloit College                        Spring 2009
Study abroad
Eötvös Collégium                             2009
Institute for Advanced Study

Competitive strategy; Entrepreneurship; Intermediaries;  Innovation; Spatial competition

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Popielarz, P., and Cserpes, T. 2018. “Comparing Personal Networks and Voluntary Association Memberships of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in U.S. Suburban Gateways” Social Networks, 53:42-56.
Cserpes, T., and Szijártó, I. 2014. “An Open Elite? High Office Holders in the 18th Century.” Journal of Social History 48(1): 156-174.
Cserpes, T. 2012. “Measuring Identity Change: Analysing Fragments from a Diary with Social Network Analysis.” European Review of History 19(5): 729–748.
Reprinted: Cserpes, Tünde. 2014. In Politics of Contested Narratives. Eds. Lazaroms, I. J. M. and E. R. Gioielli. London: Routledge. Pp. 77–96. 

Book chapters and working papers
Cserpes, T. 2018. “Relationship Asymmetry and Potential of Newness: Historical Industry Dynamics of Entrepreneurship” working paper: https://ideas.repec.org/p/cen/wpaper/18-21.html
Cserpes, T., and McInerney, P-B. 2017. “The Spatial Dynamics of Organizational Identity among Craft Brewers” In Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of the Craft Beer Revolution. Ed. Chapman, Nate. Morgantown: West Virginia University Press. Pp. 177-200.
Szántó, Z., Tóth, I. J., and Cserpes, T. 2010. “Local Government Corruption in Hungary.” In Local Economies and Global Competitiveness. Ed. by: Dallogo, Bruno and Guglielmetti, Chiara. Pelgrave, Macmillan. UK: Houndmills, Basingstoke. Pp. 134–153. 

Work in Progress
“Bringing Your Work Home: Job and marital instability” (with M.S. Dahl and O. Sorenson) 
“Forbidden Triads and Career Mobility in Jazz” (with B. Vedres)
“Who Takes on the New Producers? The Role of Emergent Portfolio Dynamics” (with I. Kleindienst) 

Scott R. Eliason Award, University of Arizona ($400), 2016
Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship ($20,000), 2015–2016
Dr. Elemér and Éva Kiss Scholarship ($4,000), 2012–2015
Enrollment Grant, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Є380), 2013
Visiting Fellowship, Bielefeld University | Bielefeld, Germany (Є7,000), May–August 2013
Scholarship of the Eötvös Collégium (tuition and fees at Beloit College), Spring 2009
Scholarship of the Hungarian Republic, 2006–2009
Dean’s Scholar Fellowship (declined), 2017
Provost’s Award ($1,500), 2016
Chancellor’s Graduate Research Fellowship ($8,000), 2015–2016
Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship Award ($1,000), 2014

In management
Courses taught: Applied Quantitative Methods for Management Research
Occasional lecturing: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In sociology 
Courses taught: Introduction to Organization Theory
Served as teaching assistant or grader: Graduate Statistics I–II; Introduction to Sociological Statistics; Sociology of Work; Introduction to Organization Theory

Published Teaching Cases
Cserpes, Tünde. 2015. “Tracking Social Change in Beer Advertisements.” Class Activity, published in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC: American Sociological Association. (http://trails.asanet.org)

|| CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS AND INVITED TALKS (* presenting author if co-authored)
Job and Marital Instability (with M. S. Dahl and O. Sorenson)
* Nagymaros Conference | University of Cambridge, UK. June, 2018.
* DCER Conference | Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway. May, 2018.
* Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth | McNair Center, Houston, TX. Dec, 2017.
* Kauffman Entrepreneurship Conference | Kansas City, MO. October, 2017.

Who Takes on the Small Producers (with I. Kleindienst)
* Strategic Management Society Conference | Paris, France. Sept, 2018.
* Academy of Management | Chicago, IL. August, 2018.
* DRUID Conference | Copenhagen, Denmark. June, 2018.
B2B Research Meeting | Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark. February, 2018.
Industry Studies Conference | Washington, DC. May, 2017.
Invited. Higher School of Economics | Moscow, Russia. March, 2017.

Potential of Newness: the Spatial and Organizational Dynamics of Entrepreneurship
Academy of Management | Atlanta, GA. August, 2017.
Invited. IESE Business School | Barcelona, Spain. December, 2016.
Invited. BI, Norwegian Business School | Oslo, Norway. October, 2016.
Invited. Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau | Washington, DC. September, 2016.
American Sociological Association | Seattle, WA. August, 2016.
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics | San Francisco, CA. June, 2016.
Kauffman Entrepreneurship Mentoring Workshop. | San Francisco, CA. January, 2016.

The Dynamics of Collaboration among Microbrewers (with P-B. McInerney)
* Academy of Management | Anaheim, CA. August, 2016.
* Digitizing Demography Conference, Facebook HQ | Menlo Park, CA. August, 2014.
“The Spatial Dynamics of Organizational Identity among Craft Brewers” (with P-B. McInerney).
* American Sociological Association | Chicago, IL. August, 2015.
* Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics | Chicago, IL. July, 2014. 

From Brokerage to Market. Emergence and Global Expansion Dynamics of the Pro Bono Service Market 
ARL International Summer School 2014, Global Urban Networks Conference, Loughborough University | Loughborough, UK. September, 2014.

“Everyday Political Talk in Confidant Networks: the Effect of Physical Distance and Confidant Group Structure”
American Sociological Association | San Francisco, CA. August, 2014.
Sunbelt Social Networks Conference | St Petersburg, Fl. February, 2014.
Invited. Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Bielefeld University | Bielefeld, Germany. July, 2013.
International Seminar into Personal Networks, Autonomous University of Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain. July, 2013.

Network and Organizational Transnationalism among Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in U.S. Suburban Gateways (with P. Popielarz)
* Sunbelt Social Networks Conference, University of Hamburg | Hamburg, Germany. May, 2013.

Chicago Area Studies; Supervisor: Maria KrysanSummer 2015 & 2016

ASQ Paper Development Workshop | Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA, 2017
Doctoral Student PDW | Industry Studies Conference, Washington, DC, 2017
Doctoral Student Consortium | Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA, 2016
Êstimate – Modern Applied Tools of Econometrics | Michigan State University, 2016
Arizona Methods Workshop | Tucson, AZ, 2016
Kauffman Entrepreneurship Mentoring Workshop | San Francisco, CA, 2016
Bosch Foundation Archival Summer School | Chicago, IL; Madison, WI; Boston, MA; Washington DC, 2015
Medici Summer School in Management Studies | Bologna, Italy, 2015
International Summer School on Global Urban Networks | Loughborough, UK, 2014
Summer Course: Theory, Methods and Applications of Social Networks. Autonomous University | Barcelona, Spain, 2013
ERGM workshop: How are networks created and shaped? | Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

“Corruption-suspect Cases in the Media. Content Analysis and Typology of Corruption.” (with Szántó, Z., and Tóth, I. J.) In: Corruption Risks in the Business Sector. National Integrity System Country Study. Transparency International. Budapest. 2008.
“Economic interest groups, government failures, rent-seeking and corruption.” 2010. (with Szántó, Z., Tóth, I. J. and Varga Sz.) Corvinus University of Budapest Corruption Research Center. p. 46.
“Government Failures, Rent-seeking and Corruption Risks in the Hungarian Electricity Sector.” 2010. (with Szántó, Z., Tóth, I. J., Kotek P., Vereckei A.) Corvinus University of Budapest Corruption Research Center. p. 157.
“Intended and Actual Impacts of the Minimum Wage Increase in Hungary in 2001 and 2002.” 2008. (with Papp, G.) GVI Kutatási Füzetek 3:1-34.

Academy of Management; American Sociological Association; DRUID; Strategic Management Society

Junior analyst, Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research, Budapest 2009–2011
Focus: Corruption and labor markets

Academy of Management OMT ABCD Best Reviewer Award, 2018
Academy of Management Annual Conference; paper reviewer, 2016–present
Administrative Science Quarterly blog; contributor, 2016
Scaling Forms Symposium: Dialogue Across Disciplines; presider, 2016
Social Problems; Student Editorial Board Member, 2014–2016

Chicago Architecture Foundation, Visitor Experience Volunteer, 2012–2017