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Troels Myrup Kristensen

  1. 2020
  2. Published

    Pilgrimage and Economy in the Ancient Mediterranean. / Kristensen, Troels Myrup (Editor); Collar, Anna (Editor).

    Leiden : Brill, 2020. 369 p. (Religions in the Graeco-Roman World, Vol. 192).

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  3. 2019
  4. Published

    Ascending and Descending the Acropolis : Movement in Athenian Religion. / Friese, Wiebke (Editor); Handberg, Søren (Editor); Kristensen, Troels Myrup (Editor).

    Aarhus : Aarhus Universitetsforlag, 2019. (Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens, Vol. 23).

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  5. Published

    Classical heritage and European identities : the imagined geographies of Danish classicism. / Funder, Lærke Maria Andersen; Kristensen, Troels Myrup; Nørskov, Vinnie.

    Abingdon : Routledge, 2019. 134 p. (Critical Heritages of Europe).

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportBook

  6. 2017
  7. Published

    Excavating Pilgrimage : Archaeological Approaches to Sacred Travel and Movement in the Ancient World. / Kristensen, Troels Myrup (Editor); Friese, Wiebke (Editor).

    Routledge, 2017. 291 p. (Routledge Studies in Pilgrimage, Religious Travel and Tourism).

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  8. 2016
  9. Published

    The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture : Late Antique Responses and Practices. / Kristensen, Troels Myrup (Editor); Stirling, Lea (Editor).

    Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2016. 432 p.

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  10. 2015
  11. Published

    Heritage Erasure : Special issue of "International Journal of Heritage Studies". / Kristensen, Troels Myrup (Editor); Holtorf, Cornelius (Editor).

    Taylor & Francis, 2015. 108 p. (International Journal of Heritage Studies; No. 4, Vol. 21).

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  12. 2014
  13. Published

    Using Images in Late Antiquity. / Kristensen, Stine Birk; Kristensen, Troels Myrup; Poulsen, Birte (Editor).

    Oxford : Oxbow Books, 2014. 312 p.

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  14. 2013
  15. Published

    Making and Breaking the Gods : Christian Responses to Pagan Sculpture in Late Antiquity. / Kristensen, Troels Myrup.

    Aarhus Universitetsforlag, 2013. (Aarhus Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity, Vol. 12).

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportBook

  16. 2012
  17. Published

    Ateliers and Artisans in Roman Art and Archaeology. / Kristensen, Troels Myrup (Editor); Poulsen, Birte (Editor).

    Portsmouth, RI : Journal of Roman Archaeology, 2012. (JRA - The Supplementary Series, Vol. 92).

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  18. Published

    The Material Culture of Roman and Early Christian Pilgrimage. / Kristensen, Troels Myrup (Editor).

    Leuven University Press, 2012.

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportAnthology

  19. 2009
  20. Published

    Archaeology of Response: Christian Destruction, Mutilation and Transformation of Pagan Sculpture in Late Antiquity. / Kristensen, Troels Myrup.

    Institut for Antropologi, Arkæologi og Lingvistik, Aarhus Universitet, 2009.

    Research output: Book/anthology/dissertation/reportPh.D. thesis