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Troels Bøggild

PhD, Associate professor

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Department of Political Science
Postal address:
Bartholins Allé 7
1341, 211
Aarhus C
Phone: +4587165732
Cell: +4540359376


Political Science, PhD, Aarhus University

1 Sep 201228 Feb 2016

Award Date: 27 May 2016

Political Science, MSc, Aarhus University

1 Sep 20101 Feb 2014

Award Date: 12 Feb 2014

Political Science, BSc, Aarhus University

1 Sep 20071 Sep 2010

Award Date: 1 Jul 2010


PhD Student

Department of Political Science

Aarhus University

Aarhus C, Denmark

14 Apr 201411 Nov 2014


Politicians as Party Hacks: Party Loyalty and Public Distrust in Politicians

Bøggild, T., Oct 2020, In : The Journal of Politics. 82, 4, 14 p., 1516–1529.

Citizens as Complicits: Distrust in Politicians and Biased Social Dissemination of Political Information

Bøggild, T., Aarøe, L. & Petersen, M. B., 15 Jul 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : American Political Science Review. p. 1/46 46 p.

Cheater detection in politics: Evolution and citizens’ capacity to hold political leaders accountable

Bøggild, T., Apr 2020, In : The Leadership Quarterly. 31, 2, 14 p., 101268.

Voter Reaction to Legislator Dissent across Political Systems

Bøggild, T. & Pedersen, H. H., 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : Electoral Studies.

Which Personality Fits Personalized Representation?

Bøggild, T., Campbell, R., Kaldahl, M., Pedersen, H. H. & vanHeerde-Hudson, J., 2019, In : Party Politics.

Campaigning on behalf of the party? Party constraints on candidate campaign personalisation

Bøggild, T. & Pedersen, H. H., 2018, In : European Journal of Political Research. 57, 4, p. 883-899

How Politicians' Reelection Efforts Can Reduce Public Trust, Electoral Support, and Policy Approval

Bøggild, T., 15 Nov 2016, In : Political Psychology. 37, 6, p. 901-919 19 p.

Procedural Fairness and Public Opinion

Bøggild, T., 27 May 2016, Aarhus: Forlaget Politica. 56 p. (Politicas ph.d.-serie).

An Intra-Group Perspective on Leader Preferences: Different Risks of Exploitation Shape Preferences for Leader Facial Dominance

Bøggild, T. & Laustsen, L., 2016, In : The Leadership Quarterly. 27, 6, p. 820-837 18 p.

Voting for Dominance? Intra-Group Contexts and Ethnic Markers Shape Preferences for Facial Dominance in Political Candidates

Bøggild, T. & Laustsen, L., 16 Apr 2015. 38 p.

The Evolved Functions of Procedural Fairness: An Adaptation for Politics

Bøggild, T. & Petersen, M. B., 2015, The Evolution of Morality. Shackelford, T. K. & Hansen, R. D. (eds.). Springer, p. 247-276 30 p.

Do the Means Justify the Ends? Procedural Fairness, Politicians' Reelection Motives, and Support for Public Policy

Bøggild, T., 4 Jul 2014. 31 p.

Underholdende introduktion til irrationel politisk adfærd: anmeldelse af Frederiks Hjorth og Asmus Leth Olesen: Poligak, København 2013

Bøggild, T. & Laustsen, L., 1 Jul 2014, In : Politik. 17, 2, p. 91-93

Do the Means Justify the Ends? Procedural Fairness, Politicians’ Reelection Motives, and Support for Public Policy

Bøggild, T., 1 Apr 2014. 35 p.

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University of California Los Angeles

Troels Bøggild (Visiting researcher)

1 Feb 20191 Apr 2019

American Political Science Association 2018 Annual Meeting

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

30 Aug 20182 Sep 2018

MPSA 2017

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

5 Apr 20179 Apr 2017

Annual Meeting of the Danish Political Science Association

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

27 Oct 201628 Oct 2016

Danish Political Science Association Annual Meeting

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

29 Oct 201530 Oct 2015

MPSA 2015 Conference

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

16 Apr 201519 Apr 2015

Stony Brook University

Troels Bøggild (Visiting researcher)

1 Sep 201414 Dec 2014

Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Political Psychology

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

4 Jul 20147 Jul 2014

MPSA 2014 Conference

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

2 Apr 20146 Apr 2014

Årsmødet for Dansk Selskab for Statskundskab

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

24 Oct 201325 Oct 2013

PhD course Political Psychology: Citizen Behavior

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

29 Jul 20132 Aug 2014

PhD Course Advanced Experimental Tools for Political Science

Troels Bøggild (Participant)

13 Nov 201216 Nov 2012

Research areas

Political psychology, political behavior, public opinion, evolutionary psychology, moral psychology, political representation, party politics, parliamentary behavior


Political psychology, Political behavior, Agenda setting, Party competition, Media and politics, Statistics, Research Design, Quantitative methods, Survey analysis, Experiments

Master Thesis supervision - topics

political opinion formation, political psychology, political behavior, voter behavior, political communication, political trust, experiments, quantitative methods, evolutionary psychology