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Tore Rye Andersen

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Tore Rye Andersen

My research is primarily focused on two main areas: American literary history, and the materiality and mediality of literature.

My research within the field of American literary history moves all the way back to the birth of the nation’s literature, but I am especially interested in different movements in post45 American literature, including the relation between postmodernism and the postironical literature that followed. I have recently published the monograph Planetary Pynchon: History, Modernity, and the Anthropocene with Cambridge University Press (2023), and a previous book, Den nye amerikanske roman (The New American Novel), appeared in 2011 with Aarhus University Press. Moreover, I have published a number of articles on authors such as Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, Cormac McCarthy, Jennifer Egan, and William Gibson in a wide array of international journals.

As part of my research on the material and medial dimensions of literature, I have investigated how the book medium itself and its physical characteristics affect the construction of literary meaning in ways we rarely consider. Furthermore, I am interested in what happens to literature when it migrates from the habitual book medium and into other media, not least new digital media. In 2014 I co-founded the interdisciplinary research center Literature between Media (funded by AU Ideas), which I directed until 2020. Furthermore, in 2019 I published the short monograph Serier (Series) on the history and development of serial narratives across media.

I have been an editor of the journal Passage since 1996, and since 1997 I have been a regular contributor to the literary magazine Standart. Furthermore, since 2013 I have been a board member of Aarhus University Press.

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