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Tor Eriksson

Professor Emeritus

Tor Eriksson

Professor Emeritus, Dr.Pol.
MSc, Åbo Akademi University, 1976
PhD, Åbo Akademi University, 1986

Member of the Economics Section
Research Secretary: Malene Vindfeldt Skals

Research Interests

  • Labour Economics, in particular Personnel Economics
  • Intergenerational Mobility
  • Health Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Google h-score 40; i10-score: 74;  end-of-March 2023: 7,000 citations


PhD level

  • Topics in Personnel and Labour Economics (Univ. Zurich)



Some Recent Publications 


  • Editor of Elgar Encyclopedia of Labour Studies. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2023
  • Maternal education, child health and nutrition — evidence from China’s compulsory education law, Applied Economics 55(38), 4455-4468, 2023 (with C. Liu)

  • The health impacts of two policies regulating SO2 air pollution: Evidence from China, China Economic Review 78 (21), 101937, 2023 (with Y Wang, N Luo)
  • Offspring Migration and Nutritional Status of Left-behind Older Adults in Rural China. Economics and Human Biology 41 (2021), 100996 (with C. Liu and F. Yi) 
  • Gender Stereotyping and Self-stereotyping among Danish Managers. Gender in Management: An International Journal, 2021, (36:5), 622-639  (with N. Smith and V. Smith)
  • Påvirker brugen af struktureret ledelse i danske virksomheder deres performance? Rapport, januar 2021 (med Valdemar Smith)
  • Ledelsesstile, ledelsesværktøjer og performance. Rapport, december 2020 (med Valdemar Smith)
  • The Mediating Role of Decentralization between Strategy and Performance: Evidence from Danish Firms. Journal of Organizational Change Management 2019 (32:4), 409-425 (with Q. Chen)
  • Up for Review: Unraveling the Link between Formal Evaluations and Performance-Based Rewards. Industrial Relations 2019 (58:1), 108-137(with R. Bonet and J. Ortega)  
  • Off-farm Employment, Land Renting and Concentration of Farmland in the Process of Urbanization: Chinese Evidence. China Agricultural Economic Review 2018 (10:2), 338-350 (with W. Su and L. Zhang)
  • Saving Face and Group Identity. Experimental Economics 2017 (20), 622-647 (with L. Mao and M.C. Villeval)
  • Leading Well Pays off: Mediating Effects and Multi-group Analysis of Strategic Importance. Management Decision, 2017, 55:2, 400-412 (with Q. Chen and L. Giustiniano)
  • Off-farm Employment and Time Allocation in On-farm Work in Rural China from Gender Perspective. China Economic Review, 2016, 41, 34-45 (with Y. Bai, L. Zhang and W. Su)
  • How Off-farm Employment Affects Technical Efficiency of China's Farms: The Case of Jiangsu. China & World Economy 2016, 24, 37-51 (with L. Zhang, W. Su and C. Liu)
  • Inter- and Intra-Firm Mobility of Workers, in: G. Cooper and G. Saridakis (eds.), Research Handbook on Employee Turnover, Edward Elgar, 2016, pp. 127-153
  • God ledelse og god performance i danske virksomheder og organisationer. (with V. Smith). Se:https://www.lederne.dk/presse-og-nyheder/undersoegelser/ledelse/god-ledelse-og-god-performance-i-danske-virksomheder-og-organisationer
  • Intergenerational Inequality of Health in China, China Economic Review 2014, 31, 392-409 (with J. Pan and X. Qin)
  • Wages or Fringes: Some Evidence on Trade-offs and Sorting, Journal of Labor Economics 2014 (32:4), 899-928 (with N. Kristensen)
  • Life Cycle Development of Obesity and Its Determinants in Six European Countries, Economics and Human Biology 2014 (14), 62-78 (with S. Cavaco and A. Skalli)
  • Firm-level Innovation Activity, Employee Turnover and HRM Practices – Evidence from Chinese Firms, China Economic Review 2014 (30), 583-597(with Z. Qin and W. Wang)
  • Macroeconomic Shocks and Firms' Labor Adjustment, Finnish Economic Papers 2013, 26(1), 25-35
  • High Performance Management Practices and Employee Outcomes in Denmark, Scottish Journal of Political Economy 2013, 60(3), 232-266 (with A. Cristini and D. Pozzoli)
  • Increased Sorting and Wage Inequality in the Czech Republic: New Evidence Using Linked Employer-Employee Dataset, Economics of Transition 2013, 21(2), 357-380 (with M. Pytlikova and F. Warzynski)
  • HRM Practices and the Within-Firm Gender Wage Gap, British Journal of Industrial Relations 2012 (50:3), 554-580 (with N. Datta Gupta)
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  • The Role of Family Background for Earnings in Rural China, Frontiers of Economics in China, 2012 (7:3), 465-477(with Y. Zhang)
  • Healthy Personnel Policies, International Journal of Manpower, 2012 (33:3), 233-245
  • Attracting Public Service Motivated Employees: How to Design Compensation Packages,  International Review of Administrative Sciences,  2012 (78), 615-641(with L. B. Andersen, N. Kristensen and L. H. Pedersen)
  • Respect and Relational Contracts, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2012 (81), 286-298 (with M.C. Villeval)
  • Incentive Contracts and Time Use, Electronic International Journal of Time Use Research, 2011 (8:1), 1-32 (with J. Ortega)
  • Foreign Ownership and Wages in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Czech Republic, Economics of Transition 2011 (19:2), 371-395 (with M. Pytliková)
  • Guest Editor of Volume 11 of Advances in Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, 2010
  • Inequality of Opportunity and Income Inequality in Nine Chinese Provinces, China Economic Review, 2010 (21), 607-616 (with Y. Zhang)
  • Unemployment and Mental Disorders - Evidence from Danish Panel Data, International Journal of Mental Health, 2010 (39:2), 56-74 (with E. Agerbo. P.B. Mortensen and N. Westergård-Nielsen)
  • Labour Market Outcomes of Internationalization - What Have We Learnt from Analyses of Microdata on Firms and Their Employees?, in: D. Marsden and F. Rycx (eds.), Wage Structures, Employment Adjustments and Globalization: Evidence from Linked and Firm-level Panel Data Sets. Palgrave Mcmillan, 2010, 221-243.


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