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Tomas Kulik


Tomas Kulik
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I have earned an M.Sc degree from Aarhus University, Department of Engineering, during and after which I have worked as a SCADA software developer within the wind industry.

Currently, I am a Ph.D student within the area of Internet of Things on the MADE Digital project, focusing on the security of the IoT environments and representation of data collected from the IoT environments. I have been active in the research area of Smart Grid system, teaching courses on the topic and cooperating on several research projects.


Project title: Smart industrial products

A rising trend in the industry is to build sensors and small computers into the products that otherwise would not have any computing capability. These products can then share data from the sensors among themselves or with a service center. This is what is called an industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Connecting IoT with the cloud computing provides new opportunities for design and operation of these industrial products. Sharing data within this kind of system, however, poses challenges that are not present in a traditional industrial IT. One of the main challenges is how to ensure that this environment is secure from data theft and system misuse.

The project focuses primarily on addressing this challenge by creating a model of an existing industrial communication system security standard. This model can then be used to verify that the system meets the security requirements needed to withstand specific cyber attacks. This verification in turn acts as a proof to the industry that deployment of such a system does not compromise the security of the business.

Main supervisor: Professor Peter Gorm Larsen

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