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Tobias Skiveren

Tobias Skiveren

I've relocated to the University of Copenhagen. Please visit my current profile here: https://nors.ku.dk/ansatte/?pure=da/persons/775993

I'm a literary scholar working in the cross-section between postcritique, new materialism, and affect theory. I've written several books on (contemporary) Danish literature and published in journals like New Literary History, Environmental HumanitiesTheory, Culture & Society, and Literature and Medicine. I’ve recently finalized a fully funded two-year project that dealt with the relationship between literature, the welfare state, and (ill-)health. In the coming years, I’ll be leading a three-year project that seeks to green Danish literary history and develop new learning designs for its implementation in upper-secondary school. The project is called “Environmental Literacy in L1 Education: Greening Danish Literary History” and includes a postdoc (Louise Bang) and three active L1 teachers.


Projects and Research Grants:

PI: "Environmental Literacy in L1 Education: Greening Danish Literary History" (DFF, research project1, thematic)

PI: "Neoliberal Misfits: Literary Illness Narratives from the Nordic Welfare States" (DFF, international postdoc)

Co-applicant: "Young Literary Practices" (PI Stefan Kjerkegaard, DFF, research project2)

Co-applicant: "The Science of Fiction" (PI Simona Zetterberg-Nielsen, DFF, research project1)

Co-applicant: "The Rise of Science and Fiction during the Danish Enlightenment" (PI Simona Zetterberg-Nielsen, VELUX, core group)

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