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Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard

Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard


Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard (Former Thomas Toftegaard Nielsen) was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1970. He received a M.Sc.E.E. degree (1995) and Ph.D. degree (1999) from Aalborg University, Denmark under the supervision of professor Preben E. Mogensen and professor Jørgen Bach Andersen. His Ph.D. was fully financed by Sonofon and Nokia. From 1999 - 2009 Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard had an additional 10-year industrial R&D carrier within wireless and IP communication technology, primarily at L.M. Ericsson. During the period he held R&D positions ranging from design engineer to competence, department and unit manager. I 2009 he was appointed Professor (MSO) in Communication Technology at Aarhus University, Denmark. Since 2011 he was been Head of Department of Engineering with the overall responsibility of the engineering sciences of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Civil and Architectural Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering at Aarhus University. 

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