Thomas Rosendal Nielsen

CV: Thomas Rosendal Nielsen (f. 1981)

2015 – Associate Professor, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus
-Head of Department, Department of Dramaturgy and Musicology (from 2016).
-Ph.D.-supervisor – Affective Dramaturgies (from 2017)
-Research Leadership Development Programme, AU (2017-18)

2012 – 2015 Assistant Professor, School of Communication and Culture,
Aarhus University.
Teaching: Drama Analysis, Applied Drama, Theatre Theory and Poetics, Theatre Production, Theatre Practice, Contemporary Theatre and Culture, Studium Generale, Dramaturgy as Practice, BA-project.
Member of editorial board: Peripeti (cont.), research editor: DRAMA (2012-2016).
Member of IFTR and Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars (member of board from 2015).
Member of research teams: Fiktionalitet (2012-2015), Praksisteori (from 2015), Performanceuddannelse (in collaboration with Theatre and Performance Studies, KU, from 2013).

2011-2012 Scientific assistant, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University.
Teaching: elective subject (MA-level): performance-installations, BA-project (dramaturgy) and Contemporary Theatre and Culture.
Editor of anthology: Kunst, kreativitet og viden. Peripeti (særnummer), Aarhus 2012.

2011-2013 Teacher, Syddansk Musikkonservatorium og Skuespillerskole, Odense.
Teaching: Performance Analysis and Applied Drama.

2007-2011 Ph.D.-student, Department of Aesthetics, Aarhus University.
Dissertation: Interaktive dramaturgier i et systemteoretisk perspektiv. (Interactive Dramaturgies in a Systems Theoretical Perspective). Defended, august 2011.
Member of research team: Performativity (2007-2011), and Creative Processes (2009-2015).
Teaching: Drama Analysis, Performance Analysis, Applied Drama, Theatre Production, Media Dramaturgy and Intermedial Production Project.
Member of editorial board: Peripeti (continued).
Editor of anthology: Performative Former. Peripeti (særnummer), Aarhus 2011.
Guest lecturer in philosophy and sociology at the Academy of Dramatic writing v. Aarhus Teater.
Board Member of the regional theatre: Teaterkompagniet, Rønde (2010-2014).

2005 - 2009 MA-studies in Dramaturgy, Aarhus University
Thesis: Verdandes væv: værk, dannelse og interaktivitet; to analyser. (2009).
Student counsellor (until spring 2007).
Member of editorial board: Peripeti (from 2006).

2002-2005 BA-studies in Dramaturgy and History of Ideas, Aarhus University.
Instructor, Drama Analysis (2003-2004).
Student counsellor (from spring 2005).