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Tea Trillingsgaard

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Tea Trillingsgaard
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Leader of the reseach unit for couple and family research, read more. Principal Investigator on the research project, read more. Principal Investigator on the reseach projekt Par-tjek (ENG:Couple Checkup), read more. Co-investigator on the research project Familieiværksætterne (ENG: Family Startup), read more. 


Research areas
Within most western countries, the family is rapidly transforming in form, structure, and stability. Yet, the quality of couple and family relationships, such as the level of mutual responsiveness, intimacy and satisfaction, remain among the most important sources for human happiness and health.
My program of research seeks to further our understanding of the patterns of change in the quality of couple and family relationships over time. This includes understanding how family relationships naturally unfold, as well as how interventions influence their course. Within this broader framework, my research has some more specific aims:
• Understand how behavioral patterns within parent-parent or parent-child relationships influence the course and stability of the family.
• Understand how contextual stressors and individual vulnerabilities influence the course and stability of the family. 
• Adapt, develop and evaluate easy-access (face-to-face and web-based) interventions for couples and parents in real-world contexts.

Teaching areas
• The changing family and family transitions
• Close relationships
• Early family oriented intervention 
• Parenting in context
• Couple therapy (IBCT) and Family therapy (Integrative)

2019 Certified in Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy.
2012 Ph.D. in Psychology, Aarhus University.
2007 Licensed psychologist, Dansk Psykolognævn. Authorization ID: 20076226
2004 Master’s degree in Psychology, Aarhus University. 
2001 1 year of studies at Institute of Psychology, Copenhagen.
1997 1 year of studies at Yuba College, California.

Employment record
1.10.2016- Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology, Aarhus University.
1.8.2012 – 31.7.2016 Postdoc in Developmental Psychology, Aarhus University.
18.2.2012 - 31.7.2012 Research assistant at Department of Psychology, Aarhus University.
1.1. 2007 – 17.2.2012 Ph.D. student at Department of Psychology, Aarhus University.
1.11.2006 – 31.12.2006 Research assistant at Center for Familieudvikling.
1.3.2005 – 31.12.2006 Clinical psychologist at Center for Børnerådgivning og Adoption, Vejle Amt.
1.10.2004 - 31.12.2004 Clinical psychologist and Research assistant at Center for Spiseforstyrrelser, Børne- og Ungdomspsykiatrisk Hospital i Risskov.

Research funding
2021: Samfonden to the project "Strategy for Strengthening Family Adjustment". PI: T. Trillingsgaard

2020: AUFF Travel grant.

2019: The TrygFoundation to the project “”. PI: T. Trillingsgaard.
2018: AUFF to a Workshop for European Researchers on Intimate Relationships.
2016: Innovationsfonden to the project "The role of the Family" and "Center for Research on Universal Child Policies" Co-investigator with PI's: M. Wüst & H. Sivertsen.
2014: TrygFonden to the project "The Effect of Pre and Postnatal Universal Parenting Support Programmes. Co-investigator with PI: M. Simonsen.
2013: Ole Kirks Fond to the Couple Checkup project. PI: T. Trillingsgaard.
2012: The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences to a 3-year post-doc position within the field of "The couple relationship and family formation". PI: T. Trillingsgaard.
2012: From Center for Familieudvikling to the Co-parenting project. PI: T. Trillingsgaard.
2007: From K.A. og A. K Trillingsgaards Fond Research travel grant.
2007: From the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences to the ph.d. project "The transition to parenthood. Predicting and preventing distress." PI: T. Trillingsgaard.


Ph.d. supervision
Kamilla Bonnesen (2021- visiting ph.d. student)

Lea Tangelev Greve (2020-)
Anne Klode (2019-)
Astrid Bjørn Leth-Nissen (2018-)

Ingeborg Kristensen (graduated 2016)
Marie Louise Rimestad (graduated 2017)
Tatiana Grey (graduated 2017)


Funding boards, assessment boards and peer-review
2020- : Guest editor for the research topic "Individual versus Dyadic Processes" in Frontiers of Psychology, Social Psychology Section.
2020 - : Editorial Board, Personal Relationships.
2017 - : Board member, Ole Kirks Fond.
2008-2018 : Board Member, Edith og Godtfred Kirks Christiansens Fond.

2016 - : Member of ph.d. assessment Committees for Tatiana Grey, Clark University; Christine Lehane, Copenhagen University; Karin Haugaard, Aalborg University; Tine Stenhoff; Copenhagen University.
2014 - : Peer-review assignments for: Personal Relationships, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Family Relationships, Journal of Family Psychology, VIVE, TrygFoundation, Den Obelske Familiefond.


Cross-discliplinary research collaboration

2021- : Affiliated Researcher PIREAU (Platform for Inequality Research at Aarhus University).
2020- : Member of European Couple Researchers (ECR).

2016- : Affiliated researcher in Crunch (Center for Research on Universal Child Policies).
2013- : Affiliated Researcher in Trygfonden’s Centre for Child Research, Interdisciplinary Research Centre at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

2013 -: Member of The European Incredible Years Research group.
2016-: Invited Member in TAFIBUT, Trygfondens netværk af forskere [The Tryg Foundation network of researchers].
2012-2016: Affiliated researcher in AU RECEIV, Aarhus University Research Centre For Early Interventions. Cross-disciplinary research centre.
2013-2015: Invited Member in Socialstyrelsens forskningsnetværk [The Ministry of Social Affairs, Research network].
2010-: Board member in Center for ADHD, Non-profit organization.
2009-: Member of The Couples Special Interest Group. International network of couple researchers within the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

Cross-national research collaboration and exchange
2020: Guest-editing research topic w. professor Maria Nicoleta Turliuc, University of Iasi, RO
, and Prof. Dr. Anne Milek, University of Muenster, DE. 

2020: Hosting professor Esther Kluwer, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

2019: Hosting professors Viola and Martos Tamás, University of Szeged, Hungary.
2019: Hosting and organizing the workshop: Intimate Relationship Research in Europe, Sandbjerg, DK.
2017, 2014: Hosting professor Richard Heyman, New York University, USA.
2015: Hosting Professor James Cordova, ph.d. Tatiana Grey and ph.d. fellow Matt Hawrilenko from Clark University, USA.
2013: Hosting Associate professor Katherine Williams Baucom, Salt Lake City University, USA.
2012, 2014: Hosting Professpr Andrew Christensen, UCLA, USA.
2013: Visiting James Cordova, Clark University, USA.
2010, 2013: Visiting Richard Heyman, New York University and Stony Brook, USA.
2009: Visiting Andrew Christensen and Katherine Williams Baucom, UCLA, USA.

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