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Tao Huang

PhD Student

Tao Huang


Tao Huang holds a M.Sc. degree from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Currently, he is a Ph.D. fellow working on the project "Optimal cooling for high productive sows in hot climate" in the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University. His research interests include building physics and services, indoor thermal comfort, numerical modeling, CFD, energy demand flexibility, and big data analysis. 

Project description:

The number of piglets per litter per sow has increased drastically, which means that the heat production from the sow has also increased greatly. This presents a challenge for sows in hot weather, and cooling the highly productive sows is imperative. In order to cool the sow efficiently, the mechanism of the physiological reaction of sows in a hot environment and the heat release to the environment should be investigated.

The PhD project is conducted through a combination of the numerical simulations and experimental investigations to: (1) develop mathematical models of heat transfer coefficients based on the conditions that the sow’s body is cooled wholly or partly; (2) to model the heat transfer from sows to the ambient and combine the heat release process with the physiological reactions based on reasonable assumptions; (3) to investigate and evaluate the chill effects by using different strategies to cool the sows.


Prof. Guoqiang Zhang and Assist. Prof. Rong Li


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