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Sudipa Sarker

Assistant Professor

Sudipa Sarker
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Research Areas

Currently, I am working on my research project on supply chain competitiveness funded by Aarhus University Research Fund. 

My research interests lie in the intersection between supply management, risk management, and organizational studies. I am interested in theoretically and empirically exploring the effects of organizational complexity and supply risk on the sourcing organization of large multi-national corporations (MNCs). 

Courses Taught

I am currently teaching two courses namely Purchasing and Product Development and Supply Chain Management and Strategy in the Global Management and Manufacturing program at the department.


My area of expertise is the supply chain with a special concentration on purchasing, risk, and inventory management.  I have over 10 years of experience in learning, teaching, doing research, and consulting in various areas of supply chain management. I am trained in Industrial Engineering with a strong background in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. I love to learn, teach, do research, and share my learnings. I am aspiring to be a researcher and academician for life.

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