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Stina Greis Handberg

Laboratory Technician

Stina Greis Handberg


Laboratory Technichian. Employed since 1994.

Within the past year I have worked on the following projects:
- Milk quality – importance of somatic cells
- The protein profile of milk
- Toxido

My fields of activity are for the present:

Fractionation of milk
Determination of plasmin activity
Determination of free amino groups (Fluram)
Determination of casein micelles (Master sizer)
Immunological detection of enzymes (Western blotting)
Expert in TOXIDO – running in – start-up

Previous fields of activities:

Protein oxidation in animal raw material:
-     Including radical transmissions between proteins made in different model systems using heme proteins, (metmyoglobin, horse radish peroxidase, lacto peroxidase)
-     Running-in/carrying out different methods for determination of proteinoxidation
-     Dityrosin (HPLC)
-     Carbonyl groups (HPLC)
-     Freeze-quench electron spin resonance for direct detection of radicals (ESR)
-     Determination of antioxidants

Enzyme activities (on Elisa reader):
-     Lactoperoxidase
-     Glutathione peroxidase (GSH)
-     Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)
-     Catalase
-     Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Other methods:
-     Electroforese (one-dimensional and two-dimensional)
-     Erythrocyte stability (Elisa reader)
-     Histology: Image analysis colouring

I have experience in working with the following equipment:
-     HPLC – Varian – Star
-     HPLC – HP-Chemstation
-     FPLC – Äkta
-     Elisareader – KC4
-     Spectrophotometer – HP
-     Fluorometer
-     Others
-     Training of students and laboratory worker trainees
-     Sample pre-treatment in stable and slaughterhouse
-     Data processing, Excel

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