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Steen Solvang Jensen

Senior Researcher - Head of section, Senior Researcher

Steen Solvang Jensen
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Key qualifications 
 Steen Solvang Jensen has worked as project manager within administration, consultancy and research and has acted as an advisor for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and international development agencies. His main qualifications include: (a) Research and development of integrated modelling systems for air pollution and human exposures for application in air pollution epidemiological studies and as decision-support systems in urban air quality management. (b) Research and development of systems to assess the environmental impacts of renewable energy systems and technologies (hydrogen, biofuels, electricity, biomass) (c) Mapping, impact assessment, scenario analysis, and policy options within emission, air quality, human exposures, health and socials costs. (d) Urban air quality management systems and its relations to urban and traffic planning. (e) Traffic emission modelling and emission inventories. (f) Development expertise of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and application expertise of Global Positioning Systems (GPS).


Steen Solvang Jensen’s research and development focus on integrated modelling systems for air pollution,  human exposures, health impacts and related social costs with applications within air pollution epidemiology and decision-support within urban air quality assessment and management with focus on policy options within transport and wood stoves. The research also focus on climate mitigation emphasising the relation between environment and renewable energy sources (solar, bioenergy) and alternative fuels for the transport sector (hydrogen, biofuels, biogas, electricity). During the last 25 years he has led and participated in a large number of research and advisory projects of which many are interdisciplinary combining natural and social sciences. 

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