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Stavros Moutsios

  1. CETH: Comparative Education Theory

    Moutsios, S.


    Project: Research

  2. URGE: University Reform, Globalization and Europeanization (URGE)

    Wright, S., Moutsios, S., Nielsen, G. B., Michel-Schertges, D., Krause-Jensen, J., Kauffmann, L. T., Robertson, S. & Shore, C.

    PEOPLE MARIE CURIE ACTIONS - International Research Staff Exchange Scheme


    Project: Research

  3. Education and Democratic Citizenship - Dealing with the Challenges of Multicultural Society

    Moutsios, S.

    Socrates Erasmus Intensive Programme


    Project: Research

  4. Research of policy and research for policy in an era of transnational education policy making

    Desjardins, R., Moutsios, S., Cort, P. S., Rasmussen, J., Rubenson, K., Schuller, T., Burns, T., Levin, B., Walker, J., Rinne, R., Nielsen, S. & Grootings, P.

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    Project: Research