Simon Raaby Holmgaard Poulsen

  • Trøjborgvej 82-84, 1911, 425

    8000 Aarhus C



Research activity per year

Personal profile


It is important to me to contribute with advice and processes in university pedagogy that improve education and teaching at Aarhus University. Therefore, my approach to the development of teaching and learning environments is practice-oriented, experimental, student-centered, and incorporates contemporary macro perspectives on education and learning. I see myself as a consultant who believes that university teaching can be enriching, character-building, and relevant for future careers and jobs.


I see myself as a creative, inspiring educator. I am well-prepared and have an intentional approach to what I do. I aim to achieve something with someone, but I am also aware that the outcome is a result of my teaching, the students' own motivation and desire to learn, and what happens in the interaction during the teaching. Therefore, I am not afraid to think innovatively or take different paths if the situation in the teaching calls for it.


Job responsibilities

Responsible for the new program for the induction of international instructors. My vision for the project is holistic. Holistic in the sense that we should use many methods and channels to reach new international instructors and meet their needs as effectively as possible.

Teacher for the Science Teaching PhD course, the basic pedagogical course for instructors, workshops on study groups, etc.

Areas of expertise

  • Educational Development
  • Onboarding international faculty
  • Science Teaching
  • Educational Science
  • Studygroups and groups