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Søren Fournais


Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data
Born: August 30, 1973
Citizenship: Danish
Status: Married, two children

Cand. Scient. (Masters), Aarhus University, 1998
Ph.D., Aarhus University, 1999
Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université de Paris-Sud, 2004

2000 Postdoc, Aarhus University (MaPhySto)
2001-02 Postdoc, ESI Vienna and Université de Paris-Sud (with a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation)
2002-03 Marie Curie Fellowship (from the EU), Université de Paris-Sud
2003-06 Chargé de Recherche (Researcher), CNRS and Université de Paris-Sud
2006-08 Associate Professor (lektor), Aarhus University
2008-13 Professor with special responsabilities (mso), Aarhus University
2013-present Professor, Aarhus University

Honors and Awards
Ung Eliteforsker (Young Eliteresearcher) award from DFF (the Danish Councils for Independent Research), 2007
ERC Starting Grant, 2008-2013
Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (elected 2014)
Sapere Aude: DFF-Advanced Grant, 2015-2020
EliteForsk Award 2018
Member Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton, 2020-21 (2 semesters).