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Smail Kozarcanin

PhD Student

Smail Kozarcanin
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Project title: Impact of climate change on highly renewable large-scale energy systems

Project description:
Denmark is currently on the verge of a transition to a fundamentally different energy system where the share of renewable weather-driven power generation exceeds that of conventional sources. Many rich and developing countries around the world share similar ambitions as renewable energy is the key for solving the global issues of climate change and energy. To achieve a possible solution, a high share of renewable energy sources needs to be taken into consideration and a highly renewable energy system that is robust against climate change needs to be designed.

Typically, existing studies rely on historical weather and energy data from publicly available sources to investigate properties of renewable energy systems - many decades into the future. In this project, newly available climate change projection data from the EURO-CORDEX project will be combined with the existing reanalysis data in the Global Renewable Energy Atlas (REatlas) to produce realistic high-resolution time series of wind and solar power production for all European countries. These will then be used in the weather-driven modelling approach, pioneered at Aarhus University, to analyse the impact of climate change on current and future renewable energy systems. The first study will take offset in the master thesis by Smail Kozarcanin.

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