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Simone Bleibach Alpiger

PhD Student

Simone Bleibach Alpiger



PhD project: Modifications of supramolecular structure of plant proteins for enhanced functionality as food ingredients

University: Aarhus University

Department: Department of Food

Supervisor: Professor Milena Corredig, IFood Center Leader

Project term: 01.09.20 – 31.08.23

Master’s degree: MSc in Dairy Science and Technology, University of Copenhagen



In the current food market there is an ongoing trend towards a more plant based diet. Plants provide a good source of nutrients and depending on the plant species, essential amino acids and fatty acids can be added to the diet. The proteins are also important building blocks in the food matrix, stabilising the internal structure and provide texture. However, not only the nature of the protein decides the functionality, but also the processing and isolation steps has a large influence. Still, much more work is needed to understand the changes occurring during processing, and to learn to utilize these green and sustainable technologies to create a new generation of plant protein isolates and concentrates.  Of particular interest in the current research is to understand how it may be possible to improve protein technological functionality by using enzymatic treatment combined with membrane filtration, as a fractionation method.



The overall aim of this project is to investigate the supramolecular changes of plant proteins during processing and correlate these modifications to the functional behaviour of the proteins in a multiphasic system.



In this project, we will be working with different enzyme treatments and membrane technologies to extract and fractionate plant proteins. The composition and the functionality of the protein concentrates will be evaluated focusing on the colloidal properties. Extractions from different oil seeds will be investigated.



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