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Shiyu Yan

PhD, Environmental Economist, Tenure Track Researcher, Researcher

Shiyu Yan


Technologies change the world. In the “world” of climate mitigation, zero/low-emission technologies point out our solutions to a carbon neutral future. I developed my research interest in environmental policies, economic mechanisms and social preference which can stimulate a timely and smooth adoption of technologies, and behavioural changes to a green transition.

I am experienced with statistics/econometric techniques and modelling approaches (e.g., techno-economic models, discrete choice models, and optimization). I have worked on topics in Energy and Transport, for instance, effectiveness and efficiency of taxes and subsidies in promoting adoption of low-emission and/or electric vehicles, life cycle costs and emissions of corn ethanol under biofuel rebates.  In addition, more recent fields that I explore are in climate mitigation in Agriculture and machine learning.

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