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Sanna Steenfeldt

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Sanna Steenfeldt
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My research is concentrated on different aspects of nutrition and physiology in monogastric animals with special emphasis on poultry. I work with the nutritional value of different feed ingredients and effect of the carbohydrate fraction on nutrient digestibility and utilisation emphasising the importance of intestinal viscosity and passage rate. The correlation between carbohydrate content and the microbial activity are investigated in som studies. Furthermore, there is focus on studies involving allometric measures (relative growth) of different organs in broilers in order to quantify the degree of imbalance in growth and development in different broiler lines and in relation to different feeding strategies. The research also includes the use of alternative feed ingredients (including different types of forages, such as silages, carrots) and its effect on nutrient digestibility, production parameters and mortality in organic egg-production. I have headed different research projects, the latest being "Improvements in nutrition and health on organic egg-production" funded by DFFE (2001-2004), and I participtate in the DARCOF III project "Quality and Integrity of Organic Eggs, Chicken Meat and Pork (QEMP)" (2007-2009), where I will be responsible for the part of the project connected to the Department of Animal Health and Bioscience.

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