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Rune Majlund Vejlin


Rune Majlund Vejlin


MSc (Econ), Aarhus University, 2007 
PhD (Econ), Aarhus University, 2009

Member of the Economics Section

Research Secretary: Mette Vad Andersen

Teaching Interests

  • Microeconomics
  • Labor Economics

Research Interests

  • Labor Economics
  • Search Models
  • Applied Microeconometrics

Selected Publications

  • Estimation of a Roy/Search/Compensating Differentials Model of the Labor Market (with Chris Taber). Forthcoming in Econometrica.
  • The Labor Market Gender Gap in Denmark: Sorting Out the Past 30 Years (with Yana Gallen and Rune Lesner). Labour Economics, 2019, 56, p. 58-67.
  • Optimal Unemployment Insurance: How Important is the Demand Side?". Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2017, 21(8), p. 2070-2095.
  • The Length of Maternity Leave and Family Health (with Louise Beuchert and Maria Humlum). Labour  Economics (Special Issue on Health and the Labor Market), 2016, vol. 43, p. 55-71.
  • Wage Growth and Wage Levels: Do Low Wage Workers Catch Up? (with Kenneth Sørensen). Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2014, 29, 984-1006.
  • The Importance of Worker, Firm and Match Effects in the Formation of Wages (with Torben Sørensen). Empirical Economics, 2013, vol. 45, 1, p. 435-464.
  • The Responses of Youth to a Cash Transfer Conditional on Schooling: A Quasi-Experimental Study (with Maria Humlum). Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2013, 28, p. 628-649.
  • Wage Sorting Trends (with Jesper Bagger and Kenneth Sørensen). Economics Letters, 2013, 118, 1, p. 63-67.

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