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Rumakanta Sapkota

PhD, Associate Professor

Rumakanta Sapkota

Research areas


My research aims to develop healthier and more sustainable agricultural systems by investigating and understanding the diversity and functionality of microorganisms linked with plants and soil. My research integrates interdisciplinary domains, particularly bioinformatics, genetic data analysis, statistics, and modeling to study microbes and their ecological roles. My methodology covers several techniques including next-generation sequencing of nucleic acids (specifically DNA and RNA), quantitative PCR, and fluorescence and light microscopy. These methodologies collectively enable to examine the microbial diversity, abundance, community structure, and activity in relation to plant and soil health. My research activities involve the following topics

  • Diversity and structure of soil microbes including bacteria, but also fungi, protists, and their interactions
  • Development and validation of metabarcoding methods for soil-living invertebrates such as nematodes and earthworms
  • Fungal viruses of plant pathogenic fungi and RNA viruses in soil
  • Assessment of agronomic impact on soil using environmental DNA and metabarcoding


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