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Ross Deans Kristensen-McLachlan

PhD, Assistant Professor

Ross Deans Kristensen-McLachlan

I am a broadly oriented scholar of digital and computational humanities, based at the Center for Humanities Computing.

My particular area of expertise is in cognitive, computational, and corpus-based approaches to the study of register, genre, and style. My PhD dissertation (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the UK) was a cognitive-stylistic analysis of the kinds of stories people tell about living with illness.

These days, I create research software which helps a wide range of humanities researchers to work with their data, from domains as varied as literary history and classics, to art history and the study of religion. In practice, this collaborative and interdisciplinary approach combins detailed, domain-specific knowledge from the humanities with state-of-the-art technical methods derived from natural language processing and computer vision.

I am particularly interested in the linguistic analysis of historical and literary texts, and I am a core member of the Danish national Network for Digital Literary Studies. Since 2017, I have been an member of the of a four year collective research project entitled ”Unearned Wealth – A Literary History of Inheritance, 1600-2015”, supported by the Danish Research Council (PI: Jakob Ladegaard, AU). Since 2020, I have been a member of the Velux-funded project "Histories. Assessing the Role of Aesthetics in the Historical Paradigm" (PI: Sofie Kluge, SDU).

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