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Rongrong Dai

Research Assistant, PhD Student

Rongrong Dai
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Project title: Tandem catalysis by coupling metal/metalloenzyme for biotransformation and new chemistry

Project description:
The development of green, sustainable and economical chemical processes is one of the major challenges in chemistry. Besides the traditional need for efficient and selective catalytic reactions that will transform raw materials into valuable chemicals, green chemistry also strives towards renewable raw materials, atomic efficiency and high rates of catalyst recovery. Cascade reactions or tandem reaction, i.e. the combination of chemical catalysis and enzymatic transformations in concurrent one‐pot processes, offer considerable advantages: The demand of time, costs and chemicals for product recovery may be reduced, reversible reactions can be driven to completion and the concentration of harmful or unstable compounds can be kept to a minimum. In addition to the common technical advantages for typical chemical cascade or multi-component enzymatic tandem reaction, cooperative effects between metal and enzyme may take place if they are well-aligned or intercompartmentalised in a well-structured nano-device or biomimick system. More importantly, both metal-complex and metalloenzyme can be engineered for optimal reaction and enable new-to-nature chemistry in a greener, biocatalytic (chemo-enzymatic hybrid) manner.

Based on this background, the main objectives of project are (1) to develop highly effective tandem catalytic system by coupling metal-complex and metalloenzyme catalysis to enable multi-step or orthogonal reactions; (2) to identify synergitic or cooperative effects between metal/bio- catalysts; (3) to construct or create a nano-device or compatible system for optimal performance for a sequence of precisely staged catalytic steps in a single vessel; (4) to produce value-added biochemicals or enable innovative synthesis for new chemistry by engineering a nano-device or engineering metalloenzyme for promiscuous activities.

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Zheng Guo / Mingdong Dong

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