Robert A. Fenton

PhD, Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 4th August 1975     

Nationality: British (lived in Denmark for 14 years)   

Status: Married, 2 daughters (age 7 and 11)   

Mailing Address: Dept. of Biomedicine South, Bldg 1233, Aarhus University, Denmark   


Web:    or



2015-            Full Professorof Molecular Cell Biology, Dept. of Biomedicine, Aarhus University (AU)

2010-2015    Professor MSO of Molecular Cell Biology, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU

2005-2009    Ass. Professor and Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow, Dept. of Anatomy, AU

2001-2005    Claude Lenfant research fellow and postdoctoral fellow, LKEM, National Heart Lung and Blood Institutes, National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA

1996-2001    PhD in Physiology, University of Manchester, UK (awarded November 2001)


RESEARCH AREA: Leader of internationally recognized epithelial biology and membrane transport research group that focuses on the molecular regulation of membrane proteins involved in ion and water transport. My research aims to decipher the role of these proteins in diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and water/electrolyte disorders. My research uses a multidisciplinary approach; incorporating techniques such as proteomics/transcriptomics/bioinformatics, cell biology, high-resolution imaging, animal models and are at the interface between clinical/basic science.



  • Epithelial Transport Group Steven Hebert Award Lecture, American Physiological Society, 2019
  • Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science Elite Research Prize, 2018
  • Lundbeck Foundation Young Researcher Prize (Lundbeckfondens Pris for Yngre Forskere), 2015
  • Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Renal Physiology, American Physiological Society (APS), 2012
  • Anders Jahre Award for Medical Research, Young Scientist Prize, 2010
  • New Investigator Award, American Physiological Society, 2008
  • Young Elite Researcher (Ung Eliteforskerpris), Independent Research Fund Denmark, 2007
  • NIH Fellows Committee Research Excellence Award, 2005
  • NIH Fellows for the Advancement of Education in Science research award, 2005

PUBLICATIONS: 149 peer reviewed articles (1999-2019), >70 first/last authorships as corresponding author; 14 chapters in established textbooks. Citations: >7000; h index = 48.


INVITED PRESENTATIONS: 80+ presentations at major international meetings. Invited speaker at multiple international universities 


SUPERVISION: >60 postdocs, PhD/research year students and visiting scholars. Several have won national/ international awards (e.g. American Physiological Society (APS) Epithelial Transport Group Young Investigator Awards; Danish Research Council Sapere Aude Step 1: Elite Researcher grants).


RESEARCH FUNDING FROM NATIONAL AND EUROPEAN SOURCES: I have been awarded >$8 million in European/National funding as main applicant and principal investigator (PI). Sources of major research funding as PI includes: European Commission 6/7th Framework Programs for Research and Horizon 2020; Danish Council for Independent Research; Lundbeck Foundation; Carlsberg Foundation; Novo Nordisk Foundation; LeDucq Foundation. In addition, as co- applicant/supervisor I have been awarded >$3.0 million in support for postdocs/PhD students in my research group or as co-applicant in various EU programs. I am a named collaborator on several major multi-national research grants (Wellcome Trust, UK; NIH, USA; Dutch Kidney Foundation, Netherlands; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany).


COLLABORATIONS: Extensive collaborations/joint grant funding with field leading experts in USA, Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Thailand, Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia, Switzerland and Italy.



  • Current research group; 1 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professors, 6 postdocs, 1 PhD student, 1 research year student and 2 technicians. Co-supervisor role for 3 other PhD students.
  • Coordinator for Membranes research theme (27 research groups) at Dept. of Biomedicine, Aarhus University (AU)
  • European Coordinator of a Leducq Foundation Transatlantic Network of Excellence (Potassium in Hypertension, 2018-2023)
  • Center leader for InterPrET: Interactions of proteins in epithelial transport, an interdisciplinary pilot center (2012-2017) at AU (
  • MEMBRANES steering committee (2012-2016), an AU funded research center (
  • Management committee of the DNRF Center of Excellence ‘Water and Salt Research Center’ (2008-2011).
  • Designate technical resources (5 technicians) on a weekly basis alongside other faculty.
  • Co-ordinated a current Marie Curie Actions (FP7) International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) with participants from Denmark, Italy, UK and China
  • Participant  in previous Marie  Curie  Research  Training  Network  with  researchers  from Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway
  • Research Committee member, Dept. Biomedicine, AU


  • Main organizer (2010-2018) of two large yearly satellite meetings (100+ attendees) at international conferences (Pre-Experimental Biology and Pre-ASN Epithelial Transport Meetings)
  • Elected to American Physiological Society (APS); International Physiology Committee (2011-2014)
  • Elected to APS Perkins Memorial Fellowship Committee (2017-2020)
  • Elected to American Society of Nephrology; Cell Biology Advisory Group (2010-2014)
  • Member of APS Epithelial Transport Group Steering Committee (2010-2018)
  • Member of APS Renal Section Awards committee (2009-2016)
  • Chair of the APS Renal Section awards selection committee (2014-2016)
  • APS Renal section steering committee member and International Representative (2013-2016)
  • Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology(2010-current)
  • Organizer/chairman of multiple symposia and featured topics at international conferences
  • Abstract committee section chairman for American Society of Nephrology annual meeting
  • PhD committee member for candidates in UK, Netherlands, Sweden, USA and Denmark (14 total)
  • Member  of  the  American  Physiological  Society  (2004-),  American  Society  of  Nephrology

(2005-), International Society of Nephrology (2005-2009), The Physiological Society (2001-

2008), American Heart Association (2005-2008), HUPO (2010-), ASBMB (2010-).


  • Grant  reviewer for National  Kidney  Foundation  UK  (2008-),  Wellcome  Trust  UK  (2010-), Diabetes UK (2010-), Medical Research Council UK (2010-), Heart Research UK (2012-), Fondazione Telethon Italy (2011-), Italian Ministry of Education and Research (2012-), F.R.S.-FNRS – Belgium (2012-).
  • Reviewing Editor for The Journal of Physiology (2015-) and J Am Soc Nephrology (2017-).
  • Editorial board member of; American Journal of Physiology Renal (2008-); Nature Scientific Reports (2016-); PLOS One (2011-), World Journal of Nephrology (2011-2018); European Journal Of Physiology: Pflugers Archives (2011-2015); Frontiers in Membrane Physiology and Biophysics (2011-); Physiological Reports (2013-2018).
  • Ad Hoc reviewer for multiple journals, including; American Journal of Physiology (2001-), Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (2002-), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2006-), Journal of Biological Chemistry (2005-), Journal of Physiology (2010-), JCI (2010-)
  • Abstract peer reviewer for major international meetings, including; American Society of Nephrology  annual  meeting  (2007-),  Federation  of  American  Societies  for  Experimental Biology annual meeting (2008-), European Renal Association-EDTA (2009-), World Congress of Nephrology (2008-).



  • Examiner/chairman for 12 PhD theses, 6 Masters theses, 12 student theses and >30 bachelor theses.
  • Major role in designing new syllabus, examinations and teaching structure for bachelors program in molecular medicine
  • Course Coordinator for Molecular Medicine courses “Anatomy and Cell Biology” and “Molecular Cell Physiology 1”.
  • Perform >90 h /year confrontation teaching to medical students and molecular medicine student’s (>1200h total confrontation teaching).
  • Course in university pedagogics for assistant professors (Aarhus University), 2009.
  • Performed extensive examinations  and  re-examinations  in cell biology and histology