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Riikka Pauliina Svane


Riikka Pauliina Svane

Research areas


My research is primarily focused on parent-child interactions, and how these promote children’s socio-emotional development during the preschool years. I am particularly interested in parental sensitivity, parent-child verbal communication, child attachment, child socio-emotional development (e.g., emotion regulation, emotion knowledge, prosocial skills), and child language development.

I am currently a post-doc at TrygFonden’s Child Research Centre, where I am working on projects which primary aims are to promote children’s language, mathematical, and socio-emotional outcomes in the early childhood and during the school years. I am involved in large national interventions (e.g., We Learn Together, We Learn Together – Parents, We Learn Together – School), which are conducted in the early education system (e.g., daycare, preschool), in kindergarten and school, and at home in parent-child interactions.    

I teach the seminar course “Parent-child interaction in theory and practice” at the Psychology Department, and I supervise bachelor- and master’s students. I am also a member of the censor corps for psychology at the Danish universities.

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