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Ricarda Margarete Engberg

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Ricarda Margarete Engberg
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The area of research is focused on the microbial fermentation in feed and in the digestive tract of monogastric animals (pigs and poultry) with special reference to broilers.The research work includes studies on the composition of the natural intestinal microflora as well as the dietary factors influencing the microbial development and fermentation in the digestive tract. The aim of the work is to improve animal growth and gastrointestinal health without the use of antibiotic growth promoters. The focus of interest is to find feeding strategies in order to strengthen the natural microflora by addition of yeast or bacterial cultures or other substances like feeding enzymes, organic acids and specific carbohydrates etc.

The methods used in our laboratory include among others anaerobic culturing of bacteria, determination of the microbial activity in the gastrointestinal tract, quantitative analysis of bacterial fermentation products (including short chain fatty acids (SCAFA) and gas

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