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René Gislum
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My research area can be best be described by the development of a fertilization strategy in grass seed crops and garden seed crops with the purpose to optimise yield components and thereby seed yield. In order to optimise the utilisation of nitrogen in seed production it is necessary to understand the basic plant physiological processes. My focus is on the plant source/sink relationsship, N/C metabolism, macro/micro nutrition and nutrients account in the production of conventionel and ecological grass seed crops and garden seed crops. Focus is therefore to increase both the quantitative and qualitative seed yield.

For the characterizing of the effect of different nitrogen-forms, -amounts and -application times on yield components, on-line measurements of reflection from the crop are used in order to give an estimate of the nutritional status. In order to quantify the content of C- and N-compounds and especially to quantify the content of total-C, total-N and the C/N ratio in dried grass samples near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) are used. The first calibration in order to quantify the total-N concentration in perennial ryegrass is currently being evaluated for publication. The calibration will be evaluated and further developed each year.

In order to quantify the utilisation of nitrogen in the production of seed crops all relevant data from my experiments are stored and used to develop a nitrogen budget on crop level and later on species level. These nitrogen budgets are to be used in the evaluation of which processes in the production of seeds can be optimised in order to increase the utilisation of nitrogen.

I have a large experience in the use of field trials, growth chambers and semifields. I have furthermore experience in the use of hydroponic experiments for characterisation of N use efficiency and translocation in perennial ryegrass.


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