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Rassoul Tabassian

!!Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Rassoul Tabassian


Rassoul Tabassian received his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering with especial emphasis on smart materials and devices. His main interest is to develop soft electromechanical systems, like Artificial Muscles and Mechanoreceptors, for implementation in soft robotics, biomedical devices, energy harvesting systems, and a variety of other practical applications. Taking advantage of Nanomaterial synthesis method and Micro/Nanofabrication techniques he designs and fabricates new state-of-the-art electromechanical components to tackle the existing issues in the field of mechatronics.

Research Interest:

  • Soft Actuators.
  • Artificial Mechanoreceptors.
  • Soft Robotics.
  • Soft Energy Harvesting Systems.
  • Micro/Nano Fabrication.


  • Ionic Electroactive Polymer Actuators.
  • Ionic Sensing.
  • Nanomaterial Synthesis.
  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Key publications:

  • Tabassian, et al., Electro‐Active and Photo‐Active Vanadium Oxide Nanowire Thermo-Hygroscopic Actuators for Kirigami Pop‐up. Advanced Science(2021). 2102064. 
  • Tabassian, et al., Graphene mesh for a new self-sensing ionic actuator inspired from mechanoreceptor in human body. Advanced Sciences(2019), Vol. 6, 1901711.  
  • Tabassian, et al., Functionally antagonistic hybrid electrode with hollow tubular graphene mesh and nitrogen-doped crumpled graphene for high-performance ionic soft actuators. Advanced Functional Materials(2018), Vol.28, 1705714.  
  • Tabassian, et al., Graphene-coated meshes for electroactive flow control devices utilizing two antagonistic functions of repellency and permeability. Nature Communications(2016), Vol.7, 13345.  


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