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Rasmus Jes Petersen

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Rasmus Jes Petersen


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Hydro-biogeochemical nitrogen transformation in riparian lowlands in different landscapes

Short description

New regulation strategies are currently being developed in Denmark based on spatially differentiated N-regulation. Measures to reduce nitrate leaching can be focused in areas of low N-retention, whereas higher N-application can be allowed in areas with high natural reduction of nitrate in the groundwater and riparian zones. 

Riparian lowlands may have a great impact on overall N-leeching from adjacent agricultural fields but are currently not well implemented in N-transport models. As a part of the TReNDS project (Transport and Reduction of Nitrate in Danish landscapes at various Scales), this PhD project aims to investigate N-removal in riparian lowlands in the two main landscape types in Denmark, the moraine landscape and the outwash plain. Denitrification in these areas requires electron donors and sufficient residence time and is thus controlled by an the interaction between hydrology and biogeochemistry. Danish riparian lowlands are often drained, which adds to the hydrological complexity.

The aim of this research is to model N-transport in different riparian lowland landscape typologies as an important step towards appropriately implementing these areas in larger scale N-transport models

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