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Qi Yang

PhD Student

Qi Yang


Title: Effect of AMF and biochar on potato growth under water deficit


Sandy soil consists of most irrigated areas in Denmark, of which water and nutrients holding capacity are both very low. Consequently, the improvement of potato absorption ability or soil holding capacity towards water and nutrients are very important.


The objective is to determine if AMF increase absorption ability of potato, especially in drought condition. And also determine if biochar amendment benefit both AMF and potato.


1. During soil drying, for instance under water saving irrigation strategies, AMF will increase the absorption of available nutrients, which and this may be further enhanced by the biochar amendment.

2. The influence of AMF and biochar will increase plant nutrient uptake and plant growth by stimulating the net-photosynthesis of potato.

Material and methods:

The experiment with eight replicates will be established that comprise three factors: water regime, with and without AMF or biochar. Three water regimes will be applied (full irrigation, medium deficit and severe deficit).

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