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Poul Sørensen

Professor Emeritus

Population genetic studies on laying hens through a 8 year Nordic project that involved a selection and crossing experiments over 6 generations in which the major questions was specialised or combined selection of antagonistic related trait (Egg number and egg size).

Studies of the effect of selection for high growth rate in broilers fed normal or low protein diet including the question of G x E interaction.

Development of systems to measure feed efficiency in broilers followed by a 6 generations selection experiment and then a in-debt study of  genetically correlated changes in:  fat deposition, metabolic efficiency, multi-phasic  growth curves, and others.

The genetic variation in the broiler regarding leg constitution that included divergent selection for bending of tibia, tibia dyschondroplasia. Some of these were involved in two EU-projects.

Genetic adaptation to the changes of keeping laing hens in either cages or at floor. Studies in developing countries of local hens versus high yielding hens under semi-scavenging condition in which part of the food has to be searched by the hen.

Divergent selection for feather pecking in White Leghorn

NMR measure of the size of the yolk and its relation to the success of hatching

Study of allometric development of organs and skeletal part of modern broilers and slow growing broilers