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Poul Sørensen
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At the two breeding stations for poultry Middelfart and Strynø having a capacity for 6.000 laying hens and 24.000 broiler chickens respectively I had the possibility to run genetic experiments using a part of the capacity for these purpose and then running the developing of new lines for the poultry breeders in the residual of the capacity during the years 1973 to 1995. This research capacity was used to perform selection experiments and a scientific based development of new breeding methods. After closing the breeding stations in 1992 due to the concentration of breeding companies  and the  stop of Danish  there were established facilities at Research Center Foulum that made it possible to run breeding experiments some of the activities was continued .

Has teached  breeding and  genetic in poultry at The Royal Veterinarian and Agricultural University in Copenhagen on each of the courses "Almen Husdyravl" and "Fjerkræets Avl og Ernæring" for students in Agronomi and the course  "Husdyravl og genetic" for veterinarian students each year during the years 1973 to 2008. To each cource were given 2-4 lections followed by 3-4 hours of training. The last 15 years the teaching was based on the chapter

Fjerkræavl. / Sørensen, Poul. I: Husdyravl - teori og praksis. / red. Lars Gjøl Christensen. 2. udg. DSR Forlag, 2003. s. 131-165

Has during the years 2000-2003 teached 3 batches of 29 MSc. Students from developing countries in the two year study "Rural Poultry Production and Health" with the courses "Poultry Breeding and Genetics" and "Breeds and Breeding" from which two compendium were worked out on respectively 89 and 68 pages.


  • Studies on the effet of strong selection for many generations on micro-evolution in broiler populations
  • Studies of allometric changes in weight and sizes of organs and skeletal elements in the early growth phase in populations of Gallus gallus that has been imposed to strong selection for juvenile growth.
  • Research and study on the genetic adaptation of poultry populations to the changing production systems used in the Agriculture including the Genotype versusu Environment interaction.
  • Research and studies on the genetic possibilities to improve local breeds of poultry in developing countries without loosing biodiversity.
  • Genetic aspect of the leg condition in fast growing broilers, including studies of the possibilities to retain a harmonic growth in populations of chickens used for broiler production

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