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Pia Møller Martensen

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae


2010: Management course from Metropol/Dansk Magisterforenings Efteruddannelse (DME): “Researchers as managers, managing researchers”, Copenhagen, Denmark (Oral exam, 5 ECTS).

2001/2002: Management course: “Kvindelige Ledere”, DME, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1998: “Universitetspædagogik for vejledere og adjunkter”, Aarhus University (AU), Denmark.

1991: Docteur de l'Université Paris VI (PhD) in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6 (December 17th 1991).

1985: M.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics, AU (January 14th 1985).



1999 - Present: Associate Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) former Department of Molecular Biology (MBI), AU, Denmark.

2003 - 2004: Visiting Professor at Centre of Immunology and Cancer Research, Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia. Ten months in the virology group.

1996 - 1999: External Associate Professor in Molecular Biology at Dept. Civil Engineering, University of Aalborg, Denmark.

1994 -1999: Research Assistant Professor at MBI, AU, Denmark

1991 -1994: Postdoctoral fellow at MBI, AU, Denmark.

1985 - 1991: Ph.D.-student at Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris, France.


Research fields:

In 1999 I started the Interferon group at Department of Molecular Biology. Focus has been to study the structure and apoptotic function of the interferon induced ISG12 genes, as well as the 2’-5’ oligoadenylate system. A new signalling transduction pathway triggered by the vitamin B9 folic acid and leading to STAT3 activation has been uncovered in my group.

Since 1999 I have collaborated with chief physician, Professor Ulla B. Knudsen. The projects have primarily targeted women diseases like preeclampsia, endometriosis and cervical cancer.

Since 1992 head of the Baculovirus Expression Laboratory which I started at MBI.



 Co-author of 41 original papers in international journals with peer review, three book chapters, and one patent.

H-index: 120 (Web of Science, Sept 2020)



Peer review:

Ad hoc reviewer for a number of  different journals; e.g. RNA, Biochimie, BioTechniques, FEMS Microbiological Letters, Molecular Human Reproduction, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, Archives of Virology, Molecular Biology Reports.



I have participated in more than 30 national and international meetings.

2017: Seminar: "Der puttes hvad, i vores mad?" at the series "Public talks in natural sciences" at Aarhus University.

Since 2014: The lecture “Is the puzzle of cancer solved?” has been given at numerous occations, such as the Danish Science Festival  - week 39, science comes-to-visit at high schools,  high schools come-to-visit the University, and as a seminar in Association of Young Scientists (UNF), Aarhus, and in the union IDA, Aarhus.


Supervision and teaching:

Since 2009, 5 PhDs and more than 15 MSc students have graduated with me as principal supervisor. Also two medical PhDs have graduated with me as basic research supervisor.

2017 - now: Responsible course manager and teacher at a compulsary year-3 bachelor course: Molecular Processes of the Cell.

2011 - now: Teacher and co-creator of a year-4 optional master course:  Cell Biology in Health, Aging and Disease.

2004 - 2016: Teacher at a compulsary year-3 bachelor course: Molecular Cell Biology.

1998-2002: Teacher at an optional year-4 master course: The Molecular Biology of Mammalian Cells.



2019: Awarded as “Best Lecturer of the Year 2019” at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

2012: Awarded as “Lecturer of the Year 2012” at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.



2012-2013: Project manager of an AU Idea research project (Aarhus University Research Foundation). In addition to me, the management group constituted one principal investigator from the Faculty of Arts and one from Health at Aarhus University. 

2011 – present: Section coordinator at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and member of the department management team.

2006 – 2011: Deputy Head of Department at Department of Molecular Biology.  


International collaborators:

Important collaborators Bret Hassel, Maryland, USA, Annika Antonsson, Brisbane, Australia, Nick Hoogenrad, Melbourne, Australia,  Nigel McMillan, Brisbane, Australia, Akira Iwase, Nagaoya, Japan, Richard Finnell, Austin, Texas, USA, and Charles Dann III, Bloomington, indiana, USA, Mariangela Figini, Instituto Nationale dei Tumori, Milan, Italy, Manohar Ratnam, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA.



2011 - now: Chairman for building committee in the new management strcuture at MBG.

2010 - now: Member of the Science committee at MBG.

2010: Member of an evaluation board for an associate professorship at Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia.

2009-2010: Member of PhD evaluation board at the Faculty of Health, Aarhus University.

2006-2008: Member of an evaluation board for an associate professorship at University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA

2006-2011: Member of the Institute Council at MBG.

2000-2011: Member of the teaching committee at  MBG.