Pia Frederiksen

Senior Researcher, former employee

Pia Frederiksen
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Project coordinator for the following project(s):
  • AU supported project: Integrated planning for biogas
  • SINKS2: LULUCF emission inventories and methods development
  • EU-FP7 project, POINT: Policy use and influence of indicators http://www.POINT-eufp7.info
  • DSF projekt REBECa: Renewable energy in the Transport sector using biofuels as energy carriers http://rebeca.dmu.dk

National co-ordination:

  • Baltic Sea programme: Waterpraxis - Implementation of the Water Framework Directive. WP3 leader: Institutional issues in Water planning. http://www.waterpraxis.net

Project partner:

  • Baltic Sea project: BONUS Basmati: Maritime Spatial Planning for sustainable ecosystem services https://bonusbasmati.eu/
  • EU-FP7 project, VOLANTE: Visions of Land System Change in Europe http://www.volante-project.eu
  • EU-FP7 project, LIAISE: Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise
  • Cluster project: Baltic Impulse - Saving the Baltic Sea waters
  • DCE project: Udvikling af analysemetoder for energi- og stofstrømme i forskellige transportløsninger

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