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Peter Olsen

Associate Professor

Peter Olsen


Project title: Automated Operational Modal Analysis

PhD student: Peter Olsen     

Project period: 01/11/12 to 31/10/18

Main supervisor: Professor Rune Brincker

Research section: Civil and Architectural Engineering


Project description:

In the future, the application of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) will be a key element when considering structures such as large span bridges, high-rise buildings or wind turbines. SHM is a network of sensors placed wisely on the structure, monitoring the physical parameters of the structure. The sensors inform the control centre or the maintenance crew if any change in the structure is detected, revealing crack growth or failure of secondary structural elements. This increases the safety of the structure and makes it possible to replace parts or fix the structure before failure. The SHM system consists of sensors and an analysis part to process the measured signals. In this process, the identification of the structures physical parameters is essential. As it will be an enormous amount of data, which have to be analysed, this procedure will have to be automated.


The focus of this project is on Automated OMA. OMA is short for Operational Modal Analysis and is used in modal testing to find the modal parameters such as eigenfrequency, modeshapes and damping ratio of a machine or a structure. The process of automating the estimation process, when working with OMA, demands development of an algorithm that is stable and need no interaction from the user. The main object of the project is to investigate the use of well-known identification techniques in both time domain and frequency domain in combination with filtering techniques to automate the identification process. The identification of several criteria for choosing the physical parameters is another main focus of the project. 

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