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Peter Lund

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Peter Lund
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My research activities are in general focused on improved utilisation of nutrients in dairy cows. However, my work is primarily on nitrogen utilization in dairy cows. This work primarily concerns the use of rumen, duodenum and ileal fistulated dairy cows, where digestion of nutrients in the different parts of the gastrointestinal tract is quantified. Another field of interest is NDF kinetics in the rumen, e.g. methods for prediction of rates for digestion and passage of fibre. Furthermore, I am  involved in the committee for the continuous evaluation of the standard values for farm manure. With focus on nitrogen and ruminants, this work is based on ex animal calculations for the individual species and categories of animals.

Most important ongoing projects:

  • Improved nitrogen efficiency during grazing by a synchronised rumen fermentation of protein and carbohydrates. Effect of high content of sugar in the grass, protein level and carbohydrate source in the concentrate
  • Effect of feed processing on degradation of phytate-P in the rumen and intestine of dairy cows
  • Effect of source of carbohydrate and addition of phytase on the degradation of phytate-P the rumen and intestine of dairy cows

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