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Peter Kappel Theil

Long-term effects of maternal arginine supplementation and colostrum intake on pre- and postweaning growth in pigs

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  • Uffe Krogh Larsen
  • ,
  • Niels Oksbjerg
  • ,
  • Peter Ramaekers, Nutreco Netherlands BV, Boxmeer, Denmark
  • Peter Kappel Theil
Maternal nutrition is vital for prenatal development and for piglet survival around parturition but may also be important for long-term growth. A total of 21 multiparous sows in 2 series, with 13 and 8 sows, respectively, were fed standard gestation and lactation diets supplied with 25 g arginine/d (ARG; n = 11) or isonitrogenous amounts of alanine (CON; n = 10) from d 30 of gestation to d 28 of lactation (weaning). Colostrum intake of individual piglets was determined based on piglet birth weight, weight gain (0–24 h), and duration of suckling in the colostrum period (0–24 h). At weaning, all piglets were weighed (n = 264) and the largest and the smallest pig (minimum of 5.0 kg) of each gender from each litter were selected from 13 litters (first series of sows) for further study (n = 52). Pigs were ad libitum fed from weaning until 140 d of age in pens comprising the 4 littermates. The MIXED procedure of SAS was used to estimate effects of dietary treatment, sex, piglet colostrum intake, and birth weight on pre- and postweaning growth. Piglet birth weight and preweaning growth were not affected by dietary treatment (P > 0.10). Postweaning ADG of ARG pigs was increased compared with that of CON pigs (P = 0.01). Piglet colostrum intake was positively related to preweaning (P < 0.001) and postweaning growth (P < 0.05), emphasizing the importance of colostrum on growth. Piglet birth weight was not related to pre- and postweaning ADG (P > 0.10) when piglet colostrum intake was taken into account. In conclusion, long-term growth performance was related to maternal arginine supplementation and piglet colostrum intake.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Animal Science
IssueSuppl. 3
Pages (from-to)117-120
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 9 Nov 2016

    Research areas

  • functional amino acid, growth performance, lactation, nutrition, piglets, Sows

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ID: 104986783