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Peter Kappel Theil

Comparison of glucose concentration and glucose absorption from the GI-tract in pigs in whole blood and in plasma

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  • Nutrition and Production Physiology
  • Disease Mechanisms, -Markers and -Prevention
  • Department of Animal Health and Bioscience
The present investigation was undertaken to compare glucose absorption from the gastro-intestinal tract quantified in either whole blood or plasma using the arterio-venous differences and portal blood flow measurements. Pigs were surgically modified with catheters in the portal vein and the mesenteric artery and a flow probe around the portal vein to allow assessment of nutrient absorption using Fick's principle. In Exp. 1, six sows (mean LW = 202 ± 28 kg) were fed three diets containing 517, 216 or 225 g/kg DM of starch, respectively. In Exp. 2, six female pigs (mean LW = 59 ± 2 kg) were fed three different diets with similar contents of starch (470-506 g/kg DM). The diets in both studies differed regarding amount and solubility of fibre. Blood samples were collected repeatedly 0-10 h after morning feeding. Glucose was measured in whole blood using a glucometer (Accu-Chek®) and in plasma using a biosensitive electrode (Exp. 1) or a standard colourimetric method (Exp. 2). In general, glucose measured in whole blood was 7-11% lower than in plasma at low glucose levels (3.5-5 mM), whereas the methods agreed well at high glucose levels (10-14 mM). Evaluation of the regression lines between glucose measured in whole blood (x-variable) and in plasma (y-variable) gave the following equations: Y = 0.974 X + 0.55, n = 583 (Exp. 1) and Y = 0.949 X + 0.65, n = 655 (Exp. 2). The net absorption of glucose found in blood was in accordance with that found in plasma: Y = 1.012 X , n = 281 (no intercept, P = 0.79; Exp. 1) and Y = 0.954 X, n = 316 (no intercept, P = 0.97; Exp. 2). It was concluded that glucose measured in blood and plasma were slightly biased whereas net glucose absorption in blood and in plasma were unbiased
Original languageEnglish
JournalLivestock Science
Pages (from-to)30-33
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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  • absorption, catheterised pigs, glucometer, portal vein

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