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Peter Jensen


Peter Jensen


MSc (Econ), Aarhus University, 1984
PhD (Econ), Aarhus University, 1990

Member of the Economics Section
Research Secretary: Mette Vad Andersen


Research Area

  • Empirical Labour Economics
  • Micro econometrics
  • Econometric Duration Models
  • Unemployment
  • Economics of Education

Other Professional Activities

  • Research Fellow at IZA, Bonn
  • Member of the Advisory Committee of the IZA Summer School in Labor Economics (ESPE representative).

Selected Publications

  • A search model applied to the transition from education to work (with Niels We­stergård-Nielsen). Review of Economic Studies 44, 461-472, 1987.
  • Temporary layoffs (with Niels Westergård-Nielsen). In: J.Hartog, G.Ridder and J.Theeuwes (eds.) Panel Data and Labour Market Studies, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1989.
  • Unemployment and marital dissolution (with Nina Smith). Journal of Po­pu­la­tion Economics 3, 215-229, 1990.
  • Heterogeneous duration dependence: Econometric methods and empirical evidence. In: H. Bunzel, P. Jensen and N. Westergård-Nielsen (eds.) Panel Data and Labour Market Dynamics, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1993.
  • Unemployment in Denmark. In: E. Wadensjö (ed.) The Nordic labour markets in the 1990's, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1996.
  • Child labour or school attendance ? - evidence from Zambia (with Helena S. Nielsen). Journal of Population Economics 10, 407-424, 1997.
  • Panel Data and Structural Labour Market Models (editor) (with H. Bunzel, B.J. Christensen, N.M. Kiefer and D. Mortensen), North-Holland, Amsterdam, 2000.
  • Specification and estimation of equilibrium search models (with H. Bunzel, B.J. Christensen, N.M. Kiefer, L. Korsholm, L. Muus, G.R. Neumann and M. Rosholm). Review of Economic Dynamics 4, 90-126, 2001.
  • Short- and long-term unemployment: How do temporary layoffs affect this di­stinc­tion? (with Michael Svarer). Empirical Economics 28, 23-44, 2003.
  • The response of youth unemployment to benefits, incentives, and sanctions (with Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer). European Journal of Political Economy 19, 301-316, 2003.
  • Active Labor Market Policies in Europe: Performance and Perspectives (with Jochen Kluve, David Card, Michael Fertig, Marek Góra, Lena Jacobi, Reelika Leetmaa, Leonhard Nima, Eleonora Patacchini, Sandra Schaffner, Christoph M. Schmidt, Bas van der Klaauw and Andrea Weber), Springer, Berlin, 2007.
  • To stay or not to stay? Out-migration of immigrants from Denmark (with Peder J. Pedersen). International Migration 45, 87-113, 2007.
  • Unemployment duration and unemployment insurance institutions: a comparative analysis based on Scandinavian micro data (with Knut Røed and Anna Thoursie). Oxford Economic Papers 60, 254-274, 2008.
  • Child Labor in Zambia. In: H.D. Hindman (ed.) The World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey, M.E. Sharpe, New York, 2009.
  • A reappraisal of the virtues of private sector employment programmes (with Brian Krogh Graversen). Scandinavian Journal of Economics 112, 546-569, 2010.
  • The effect of immigrant concentration in schools on native and immigrant children's reading and math skills (with Astrid Würtz Rasmussen). Economics of Education Review 30, 1503-1515, 2011.
  • Does professional development of preschool teachers improve children’s socio-emotional outcomes? (with Bente Jensen and Astrid Würtz Rasmussen). Labour Economics 45, 26-39, 2017.

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