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Peter Berliner

Professor Emeritus


Peter Berliner


Born 1955 in Tasiilaq, Kalaallit Nunaat

Married to Maria Elena de Casas Soberón, 7 children and 1 grandchild

Recent field experience (action research, teaching and psycho-social interventions) from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Kosova, Jordan, India, Honduras, Guatemala, Russia, Mindanao/The Philippines, and The West Bank.   



1978 BA in History of European Ideas - University of Aarhus, Denmark.

1981 MA in Psychology - University of Aarhus, Denmark.

1987 Previous research accepted as equalising Ph.D. (Licentiatsgrad).

1988 Licensed psychologist -  the Danish Psychologist Association.

1990 Licensed psychologist - the Ministry for Social Affairs.

1998 Specialist in psychotherapy.

1998 Supervisor in psychotherapy for trainees at specialist level.

2003 Specialist in organisational psychology.

2003 Supervisor  in organisational psychology.



1978-1980: Assistant teacher in the Philosophy of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Aarhus University.

1980-1985: Assistant Professor at The Teachers Training College, Nuuk, Greenland.

1982 - 1985: Producing app. 25 broadcasts for the National Greenland Radio.

1982: Planning of and participation in a study tour to North West Territory in Canada - including 45 students from Greenland.

1982-1985: Member of a planning group developing a post-grade educational system for teachers in Greenland.

1985-1986: Research on the history of the school system in Greenland. (Funded by the Danish Research Council for Social Studies).

1986-1987: Consultant at the Human Resource Department, The Danish Railways.

1987 & 1988: Writing of two books for children - and even succeeded in getting them published.

1987-1991: Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.

1988: Conducting a National  Research Conference on Cross-cultural psychology.

1988-1996: Lecturing and conducting seminars at the National Police Academy - including basic training, training of leaders and specialised units.

1989-1990: Research project at the Child Psychiatry Ward at the Copenhagen County Hospital, Glostrup, Denmark.

1990: Conducting the 2nd  National Research Conference on Cross-Cultural  Psychology.

1991 - : Associate professor in Educational Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.

1992 - : Co-editor of the Scandinavian journal Psyke og Logos.

1992: Conducting the 3rd  Research Conference on Cross-Cultural Psychology.

1993-1997: Member of the Danish Red Cross Research Group on Trauma and Psycho-Social Support.

1993-1999: Conducting psychological briefings and debriefing for the Danish and the Norwegian UN Police Force, encompassing training, group-oriented debriefing, individual and couple therapy.

1994 - 1997:  Supervision of psychologists at Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Danmark

1994 -2002 : Member of the Danish International Humanitarian Brigade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1994: Participating in the group that established the Centre for Conflict Mediation and Reconciliation.

1995:  Joining the Danish Red Cross Roster of crises- and trauma psychologists. 

1997 - 2000: International co-ordinator for student exchange - at the Department of Psychology.

1997-1999: Director of Studies at the Department of Psychology.

1998 - : Appointed member of The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Roster for Psycho Social Support Programmes, Training and Assessment.

1999: 3 research periods in Greenland (Funded by the Director of Health, Greenland)

1999: Consultancy to the Psychiatric Ward; Greenland National Hospital, Nuuk, including a psycho- educational programme for in-patients and linking supportive problem solving in the living context of the patients; leading to a community based approach to increasing coping strategies in a practical relevant way.

1999: Conducting a Red Cross assessment in Kosovo - on psycho social support to children affected by the war.

1999-2000: Supervision for psychologists in Greenland.

2000: 3 research periods in Greenland.

2000-2002: Manager of a research programme on the outcome of psychoeducation for traumatised refugees.

2000 - 2006: Supervision of psychologists at the Danish Red Cross Department for Asylum Seeker.

2001 - 2002: Supervision of the multi-disciplinary teams at the Rehabilitaion Centre for Torture Victims, Copenhagen.

2001: Appointed member of the American Red Cross Workgroup on Psycho Social Support Programmes (participating in group meetings in Vevey, Switzerland; funded by the American Red Cross).

2001 - 2010: Manager of the University of Copenhagen Centre for Multi-Ethnic Traumatic Stress Research and Practice.  Web site: http://www.psy.ku.dk/Forskning/Fokusomraader/MET/

2001 -: Appointed member of the Crime Prevention Council in Denmark: Workgroup on the prevention of job related violence.

2001: Invited to the biannual conference on Health Research in Greenland (Kangerlussuaq, November). Focus on Epidemiology, Prevention and Evaluation.

2001-2002: Manager of a research programme on inclusion of immigrants and refugees into the community based psychiatric support system (social psychiatry).

2001: Visiting professor at Nottingham Trent University Centre for Traumatic Stress research and practice.

2002-2005: Consultant psychologist to the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Survivors, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2003: Member of the Faculty at the Master programme in Conflict Mediation at the Department of Law, The University of Copenhagen.

2004-2006: Manager of a research programme on the outcome of psychoeducation for traumatised refugee families.

2005: Member of the founding group and faculty member at the Masters of Disasters Management, University of Copenhagen.

2005-2007: Member of the steering group of the SAFA project (empowerment of refugee and immigrant mothers in civil society activities) and participating in the research on the outcome of the programme.

2006 - : Reviewer for the Norwegian Research Council.

2007-2008: Research on the outcome of psycho-educational for traumatised refugees – a study including 9 rehabilitations centres in Denmark (funded by the Ministry of Integration.  

2008: Appointed member of the Commission of Research in Greenland.

2008: Annual Evaluation of the ECHO funded school-based psychosocial programme for children in Palestine (the West Bank).

2008-2012: Head of the research component in the Paamiut Asasara programme – a community development programme for promotion of quality of life for families and the prevention of neglect of children in a town, Paamiut, in Greenland.

2009- 2010:  Impact study on The Family Protection Programme, Jordan – for Save the Children, DK.

2009: Annual Evaluation of the ECHO funded school-based psychosocial programme for children in Palestine (the West Bank).

2010: Psychosocial emergency response. Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

2010: Seminar on psychosocial aspects of Peace-keeping. Unitar, Pisa.



1987: Conference on Population Issues in the Arctic, Tromsø University, Norway, Small Scale Schooling and National Development.

1988: Sixth Inuit Studies Conference, Copenhagen: Contextual Factors in Education in Greenland.

1995: World Conference for Social Work, Hong Kong: Supervision and Training of Social Workers.

1996: Conference on Ethnic Identity, Karasjok, Norway: The Concept of  Culture.

1996: The 2nd European Conference on Traumatic Stress In Emergency Services, Peacekeeping Operations & Humanitarian Aid Organisations. Sheffield, England: UN Police Service and Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms.

1997: XIX Nordic Psychologist Congress, Stockholm: Debriefing of Personnel in International Peace Keeping Operations.

2000: Nunamed Conference, Nuuk, Greenland: Young Men with Aggressive Behaviour.

2000: Scandinavian Conference on Technology and Psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark: The use of Technology in the Treatment of Young Men in Greenland.

2000: The 3rd  European Conference on Community Psychology in Bergen, Norway: Community Psychology: the Treatment of Young Men with Aggressive Behaviour.  

2000: The International Red Cross & Red Crescent Reference Centre; Conference on Psycho Social Support: Psychosocial Support for Young Men in Greenland.

2000: Social Psychological perspectives on Depression. The Danish Psychiatric Foundation; Conference on Depression.

2001: The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies 7th Conference on Traumatic Stress, Edinburgh, Scotland: Community based Psychological Support within Disaster Preparedness for Developing and Establishing Training of Non Professionals.             

2002: IV Congresso Europeo de Psicologia Communitaria. Barcelona, Spain. 6th - 8th  November. Mental Health and Community Interventions in Honduras.

2003: VIII. European Conference on Traumatic Stress. 22-25. May. Berlin, Germany. Case Formulation and Problem Solving Approaches to Supervision and Therapy with Trauma in Refugees.

2003: VIII. European Conference on Traumatic Stress. 22-25. May. Berlin, Germany. Brief Therapy with Asylum Seekers with Severe PTSD.

2004: Conference: Metropolis, Geneva, October. Torture Survivors, Trauma and Rehabilitation in Denmark.

2005: 7th International Conference International Society for Health and Human Rights. Vadodara, India. February 3, 2005. Development of Practice. Moving from a Treatment Approach to a Comprehensive Community Based Response to Survivors of Armed Conflict.

2005: ESTSS Conference, Stockholm. June. Refugees and Asylum Seekers - Trauma and Rehabilitation in Denmark.

2007:  ESTSS Conference. Croatia. Title of paper 1: Children and Social Trauma in the Space for Peace in Mindanao. June 8.

2007: ESTSS Conference, Croatia. Title of paper 2: Documentation and Research – Understanding Trauma, Resilience and Growrg at the Community Level. June 8.

2008: Research in Psychosocial Interventions. International Red Cross/Red Crescent Conference. India. January.

2008: Arctic Social Science Conference, Nuuk. Title of paper: Paamiut Asasara – participatory action research as part of community mobilisation. August 25.

2008: International Society for Cultural and Activity Research Conference, San diego, Cal. September 8-13. Title of paper: Paamiut Asasara – A Community Mobilisation Programme.

2010: III. Int. Conf. Community Psych. Puebla

2010: Pathways to Resilience, Halifax, Canada.



(i.e. not including invited key notes at national conferences in Denmark).

1988 Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland), Greenland

1988, 1989, 1990 University of Aarhus, Denmark

1995, 1997 University of Aalborg, Denmark

1998 University of Bergen, Norway

1998 Nottingham Trent University, Great Britain

2000 The Greenland Medical Society (Nunamed)

2001 Winter Cities Europe Conference Children of the Winter, Kiruna, Sweden, 27-28. 9. Title of key note: The MATU programme – community based rehabilitation of violent youth in Greenland.

2002 The International Partnership Meeting of the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Survivors. Guatemala.

2002 The International Red Cross‘ Reference Centre for Psycho-Social Support. International conference on outcome of psychosocial programmes. Denmark.

2002 The Finnish Red Cross Seminar on Stress Management in Areas of Conflict, Helsinki, Finland.

2002 Red Cross/Red Crescent Seminar on Psycho-Social Support, Beirut, Lebanon.

2002 Taller de Metodología de la Investigation Científica, Salud Mental y Comunidad. Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Title of key note: Research as transformation and change – the community psychology approach to research.

2003 Cognitive and Narrative Approaches to Psychotherapy with Torture Victims. Nottingham Trent University, UK.

2003: Therapy in a Human Rights Context. UK Global Medicine Conference.

2003: Psychosocial Conference: Towards Healing and Empowering Displaces Families and Communities for Peace and Development. Davao, The Phillipines. Title of key note: Community Rehabilitation and Research. November 25-28.

2004: The RCT Partnership Workshop on Counselling. Title of key note: Restorative Practice for Survivors of Torture and Organised Violence. Manila, The Philippines. November 22 – 26.

2004: Conference: Moving Memories – Psychosocial Support for Children and Families Affected by Armed Conflict. Nottinghamshire Healthcare, NHS Trust. Title of keynote: Community based programmes for war affected families in Guatemala. 31st March.

2005 University of Greenland/Ilisimatusarfik Conference on Violence in Greenland. Title of key note: A community approach to prevention of adolescence violence in Greenland

2006:  University of Tronheim. Title of key note: Transcultural Psychology - Intervention Methods and Research in a Cultural Context. 10. November.

2006: European Conference on Prevention of Crime. Helsinki, November. Title of key note: A Gender Perspective on Prevention of Violence in the Community. (With Stephen Hakesberg).

2007: The Traumatised Child Conference, Copenhagen 8.-9.2. Title of key note: A Space for Peace. Children and Trauma – Children as zones of Peace in Pikit, Mindanao.

2007: University of Trondheim. Conducting a 3 days Ph.D. course on qualitative methods in cross-cultural psychology.

2007: University of Salamanca; Conference on Crises Intervention. Title of key note and workshop: Community Based Psychosocial Interventions in Different Cultures. Castellon, October 27 -28.

2008: I. Congreso Internacional de Terapia Familiar: Intervención terapepéutica en situaciones de violencia. University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Title of paper and workshop: Crisis Intervention. 19.-21. June.

2008: The Russian Red Cross Seminar on best practices in psychosocial support programmes, including Beslan. Title of key note: IASC Guidelines on Mental health and Psychological Support in Emergency Settings. June. Moskva.

2008: III. National Conference on Emergency Situations and Psycho-social Assistance, Ministry of the Interior, Czech Republic. Title of key note: Disaster Preparedness through Capacity Building. 24.-25 September.

2008: International Congress - Family and Crisis: Intervention Models in XXI Century. Castellon, Spain. 27.–29. November. Title of key note and workshop: Trauma and Crisis

2009: National Congress on a Multi-disciplinary Approach to Health Studies. Aguascalientes, Mexico

2009: International Conference on Prevention of Violence, Aguascalientes Mexico