Pernille Andreassen

Research Assistant

Pernille Andreassen holds a postdoc position at Center for Health Science Education, Aarhus University. Her educational background is an MA in anthropology from Aarhus University and a PhD in medical anthropology from the University of Southern Denmark.

Her research interests span from the quality and practice of medicine in modern health care systems, the impact of work-place based assessment on doctors’ education and transfer of learning in medical education to the connections between quality of life, health and disease. Methodologically, her research is based on classical anthropological fieldwork methods such as semi-structured interviews, focus group interviews and participant observation as well as having experience with different types of questionnaires and surveys. She has teaching experience within the fields of medical anthropology and qualitative research methods.

Prior to her employment at Center for Health Science Education, she has done research and published peer reviewed articles within the areas of palliative care and communication about end of life care as well as about both adult and child obesity and the experiences of parents with overweight children.